Helper Classes especially for GUI on mobile, and diffrent Screensize
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asdfunity v0.1.2

Unity still has a lot of shortcomings. This library is supposed to make life easier when developing Unity applications - especially mobile ones.

It’s rather empty right now, but it will grow with time.



  • Initialize the submodules

      $ git submodule init
      $ git submodule update
  • From the Asset folder copy Plugins, Scripts and Editor to your Unity project

Facebook module

  • Create a new, empty Object in Unity’s inspector and name it “Facebook”
  • Attach the Facebook script to it
  • Set it App Id in the script’s properties
  • Before compiling in XCode, replace “[YOUR APP ID]” with your Facebook app id in Info.plist inside the URL Types key

Right now the Facebook module is kind of awkward. Please note, that I am aware of this fact ;) You can call any of the below methods on the script instance which you can access by calling



  • compilePermissions(...) Compiles the given permission flags to a single integer which authorize() will accept

  • authorize(Permissions, AuthorizeCallback) Requests the given permissions from the user (see compilePermissions). AuthorizeCallback is a delegate taking an int and returning void. The passed int is either Facebook.LOGGED_IN or Facebook.LOGGED_OUT.

  • postToStream(Text, RequestCallback) postToStream(Text, Image, Link, Name, Caption, Description, RequestCallback) Posts something to the user’s stream. RequestCallback is a delegate taking an int and a string and returning void. The integer is either Facebook.REQUEST_SUCCESS or Facebook.REQUEST_FAIL. The string contains the JSON formatted result or error.

  • logout()


  • Get a proper callback infrastructure running. Using UnitySendMessage() is not really the nice way to get data back to C#.


Under Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC-SA this is for free. For 10€ you can get a commercial license. [Contact me][].


by Alexander Surma JSONKit by johnezang