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v5.10.17 - push this version to jenkins, fix an issue about disappearing items in 1.10, backwards compatible to 1.9!
v5.10.4 - add more keywords to start and stop debugging
v5.10.3 - add cooldown override for forcebreak
v5.10.2 - add forcebreak, forcegrow, including permissions and messages
v5.10.1 - pull all fixes from the 1.8 branch and fix mcMMO config reading
v5.9.12 - ONLY FOR 1.9 !!!
v5.9.11 - add commands "addcustom" and "removecustom" - setting the first three items to custom block group (SAPLING, LOG, LEAF)
v5.9.10 - revert the API update, because Spigot did not do that, or did revert it
v5.9.9 - ignore some number errors in the data.yml parsing , remove them
v5.9.8 - revert back to including libs - seems we cannot rely on those maven repos :P
v5.9.7 - prevent StackOverflow for now, I will have to look into this in detail, but later
v5.9.6 - yeah. finally fixed LogBlock
v5.9.5 - -
v5.9.4 - fix LogBlock?
v5.9.3 - one last chance for LogBlock
v5.9.2 - update to Java 7 and Spigot 1.8.8
v5.8.91 - address bukkit issue #276
v5.8.90 - pull things by uroskn - thanks, dude! - aaand fixing a logic bug about DURABILITY. Thanks, serpi90!
v5.8.89 - issue fixed, updated README!
v5.8.88 - still debugging
v5.8.87 - fix a CCE
v5.8.86 - debug again .... for acacia!
v5.8.85 - fix a messup about custom drops
v5.8.84 - debug to the rescue!
v5.8.83 - if this fixes the issue, bukkit is broken. seriously.
v5.8.82 - fix language twist
v5.8.81 - add language support! Main.Language !
v5.8.80 - fix the internal blocklist not properly reading blocks
v5.8.79 - add Sapling Growth Prevention - USE WITH CAUTION!
v5.8.78 - fix toggle command logic display - it said "enabled" when it actually disabled -.-
v5.8.77 - address DBO ticket #232 (needed lore is not checked correctly)
v5.8.76 - support DURABILITY enchantment :)
v5.8.75 - fix another CCE because of bukkit not fully supporting minecraft 1.7 trees
v5.8.74 - partially revert the internal rewrite. 1.7 trees are not fully supported by bukkit. Fixed for now!
v5.8.73 - revert default behaviour. You need to set Main.Initial Delay to true before the delay is used!
v5.8.72 - fix "Initial Delay" for Auto Destruct. This defaulted to 10 seconds but never worked. Now it does. Beware!
v5.8.71 - add "Automatic Tree Destruction.Required Lore" - require a special lore for the tool to work
v5.8.70 - add /treeassist purge global - removes entries of blocks in invalid worlds or not of type LOG and LOG_2
v5.8.69 - finish the addition!
v5.8.68 - how about we actually add the timestamp?
v5.8.67 - add /ta purge [days|worldname] to remove unneeded blocklist entries
v5.8.66 - support global toggle - addresses github issue #236
v5.8.65 - allow to disable the plugin when sneaking
v5.8.64 - finally fix the NPE from #58
v5.8.63 - fix the fact that new tools break. Thanks, TNTUP!
v5.8.62 - fix the fix
v5.8.61 - fully move to Prism 2.0
v5.8.60 - support Prism 2.0 --> "Prism2"
v5.8.58 - fix another NPE
v5.8.57 - fix NPE in modded trees fail check
v5.8.56 - add /treeassist noreplant - don't replant saplings for configured time
v5.8.55 - readd libraries
v5.8.54 - fix negative durability hacks
v5.8.53 - add /treeassist protecttool - protect individual saplings!
v5.8.52 - add a world parameter to the toggle command
v5.8.51 - add 'Main.Toggle Default' to default to disabled TA by default
v5.8.50 - disable block null spam, not necessary!
v5.8.49 - address github issue #21 - NPE in the 1.7 leaf range fix 
v5.8.48 - fix an NPE in the sapling replace detection
v5.8.47 - apply the radius hackfix to 1.7 tree leaves
v5.8.46 - fix impossible NPE
v5.8.45 - tweak greed fix
v5.8.44 - fix big tree greed; add config setting to NOT remove leaves
v5.8.43 - attempt to not extinct dark oak forests
v5.8.42 - fix breaking of shrooms
v5.8.41 - fix fast leaf decay
v5.8.39 - fix the CME issues!
v5.8.38 - hackfix github issue #38 until I have time to implement a proper solution
v5.8.36 - remove debug output for release
v5.8.34 - actually support more logging plugins than Prism :P
v5.8.33 - add
v5.8.32 - check if the bottom blocks are set before comparing them - addresses github issue #14
v5.8.31 - fix the BaseTree ENUM order -.-
v5.8.30 - try to fix popping saplings
v5.8.29 - actually read the sapling delay config setting
v5.8.28 - add command /treeassist toggle [player]
v5.8.27 - add sapling replant enforcing for when people have no perms or …
v5.8.26 - add big spruce tree determination, fix bottom block …
v5.8.25 - allow creative players to break saplings
v5.8.24 - allow to replant saplings despite using Tree Feller
v5.8.22 - re-support automated removal for sapling replant setups
v5.8.21 - finish #20 by hackfixing leaves
v5.8.20 - support Bukkit 1.6 servers!
v5.8.19 - only replace shrooms where appropriate :)
v5.8.18 - only allow (vanilla) saplings on dirt, grass, clay
v5.8.17 - properly set the bottom to null if the tree has been cut …
v5.8.16 - remove strange default values introduced in commit …
v5.8.15 - use less deprecated methods, add missing 1.7 permission …
v5.8.14 - Bukkit 1.7 support - finishes off 99.9% of all vanilla trees!
v5.8.13 - Now it might be almost done. At least 95% of all trees work :)
v5.8.12 - Fix little mistakes (1.7 compatibility not done!)
v5.8.11 - attempt to support 1.7
v5.8.10 - code cleanup, untweak leaf detection a little bit
v5.8.9 - also replace saplings that don't have data value
v5.8.8 - add even more debug
v5.8.7 - properly calculate the resulting sapling ID
v5.8.6 - add a bit more custom block debug
v5.8.5 - replace saplings for modded trees
v5.8.4 - fix an evil comparation messup remnant :)
v5.8.2 - build with proper artifact values