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Installing FriendlyStack
Please keep in mind, that FriendlyStack is designed as an appliance. While it can work on a compuer used for other tasks, it is highly recommended to use a computer dedicated to FriendlyStack. FriendylStack works on Linux and the installation script is designed specifically for Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS. Ideally you start with a clean Ubuntu 16.04 Server, install without adding any packages (appart from the default selections). Then install FriendlyStack by followig these instructions:
- Plug the display shield on the Arduino Uno (carefully allign the headers and pins).
- Use the USB Cable to connect the Arduino Uno to the computer (it will be programmed automatically during the installtion)
- Download FriendlyStack software to your computer.
- Change to the FriendlyStack directory
- Execute sudo ./
The installation will complete with a reboot. After the system starts up again, you need to login and unlock FriendlyStack. The defaults (case sensitive) are:
Username: friendly
Password: stack
Encryption Key: FriendlyStack
Use your favorite webbrowser to navigate the the IP adress shown on the Arduino.
It strongly recommended to change the default values at the first login!
Now install the driver for your dcument scanner according to the manufacturer's instructions. If the Arduino keeps displaying the message "No Scanner...!" you need to integrate your scanner as follows:
Assuming that you have only one scanner connected to your computer use:
sudo scanimage -h
To get the options for your scanner.
Use lsusb to the manufacturer and device IDs for your scanner (for example 04f9:60a5 for a brother ADS-2600W)
Now add a section for your scanner to the fille /home/pstack/bin/FriendlyStack.conf. Below you see an example for an Epson DS-860
DeviceType Epson DS-860
DeviceName imagescan
Configuration --scan-area="Auto Detect" --mode="Color" --gamma=1.0 --brightness=30 --contrast=40 --deskew=yes --duplex=yes --crop-adjust=0.05 --transfer-format=JPEG --jpeg-quality=70 --double-feed-detection=Normal
Postprocessing 1
DeviceType Should be the name of your document scanner
DeviceName Should be the name of the device used by sane. You get this by doing "sudo scanimage -L" (depending on driver you might need to remove quotes and bus/device stuff).
Configuration contains the command line options you want to use for your scans. Please do not set the resolution here, it is set by FriendlyStack to 300dpi.
Postprocessing should be 1 if you are using postprocessing features of your scanner or 0 if you are not using them (or your scanner does not offer any).
After restarting FriendlyStack (by disconnectin and reconnecting the Arduino or by doing "sudo systemctl restart pstack.service" or by rebooting) your scanner should be ready to go.