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@charset "UTF-8";
/* blitz — CSS framework for reflowable eBooks
Version 1.5.0 by Jiminy Panoz
Codename: The Beautiful People Are Ugly, Too
License: MIT ( */
@namespace h "";
@namespace epub ""; /* if you need to style epub:type */
@namespace m ""; /* if you need to style MathML */
@namespace svg ""; /* if you need to style SVG */
html {
/* Don't use it for styling, used as selector which can take a punch if anything goes wrong above */
/* Begin CSS */
// Reference > won’t be output, utils can be imported as reference if you want
@import (reference) 'reference/font-stacks';
@import (reference) 'reference/hyphens';
@import (reference) 'reference/overrides';
@import (reference) 'reference/mixins';
@import (reference) 'reference/enhancements';
@import (reference) 'reference/i18n';
// That's the stuff running Blitz
@import 'core/variables';
@import 'core/rhythm';
@import 'core/features';
@import 'core/kindle-queries';
// Base is the foundation = styles you'll use in every book
@import 'base/reset';
@import 'base/page';
@import 'base/typo';
@import 'base/image';
// Optional extensions for lists, rules, tables, code and media (svg, canvas, etc.)
@import (optional) 'extensions/lists';
@import (optional) 'extensions/def-lists';
@import (optional) 'extensions/rules';
@import (optional) 'extensions/table';
@import (optional) 'extensions/code';
@import (optional) 'extensions/media';
// Utilities you may not want to export
// The last two are needed (like reference) but output by default
@import 'utils/containers';
@import 'utils/utilities';
@import 'utils/break';
/* End CSS */
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