This is where the fun blitz stuff happens (R&D, experiments, etc.)
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This is where the fun blitz stuff happens (R&D, experiments, etc.)

Let’s test and debug new and experimental features.

An ePub 3.0.1 file is provided in order to test in Reading Systems.

The file is systematically tested on Reading Systems listed in the repo’s Readme.

See assets folder for preview.

Those features might be implemented in Blitz v.1 or v.2. It depends on many factors (LESS’ bloat, unexpected bugs outside official RS support list, etc.) so there is no guarantee we will implement all of them.

Features being currently tested

  • @supports for progressive enhancement;
  • initial-letter for drop-caps;
  • custom list-style-type with fallback;
  • flexbox to align elements vertically on title-page (alternative to display: table which proves problematic in legacy RMSDK);
  • CSS shapes;
  • CSS masking.

Features which may be tested

  • Open type features;
  • monochrome media query;
  • pointer and hover media queries;
  • a media query strategy relying on height instead of width and/or aspect-ratio;
  • the JavaScript framework;
  • an SVG framework for charts (maybe… not sure at all).

Stuff likely to happen

  • crashing Reading Systems;
  • discovering security holes;
  • drinking. A lot.