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Goutte, a simple PHP Web Scraper

bug #236 Fix the handling of cookie for URLs with a custom port (stof)

This PR was merged into the 3.1-dev branch.


Fix the handling of cookie for URLs with a custom port

In recent Symfony version, BrowserKit includes the port in ``HTTP_HOST`` to match the specification of the header.
But the Guzzle CookieJar does not want this host here, it wants the domain only. Otherwise the cookies won't match.

closes #232


4c178c9 Fix the handling of cookie for URLs with a custom port
latest commit 751a3dc5c4
@fabpot fabpot authored


Goutte, a simple PHP Web Scraper

Goutte is a screen scraping and web crawling library for PHP.

Goutte provides a nice API to crawl websites and extract data from the HTML/XML responses.


Goutte depends on PHP 5.5+ and Guzzle 6+.


If you need support for PHP 5.4 or Guzzle 4-5, use Goutte 2.x (latest phar).

If you need support for PHP 5.3 or Guzzle 3, use Goutte 1.x (latest phar).


Add fabpot/goutte as a require dependency in your composer.json file:

composer require fabpot/goutte


Create a Goutte Client instance (which extends Symfony\Component\BrowserKit\Client):

use Goutte\Client;

$client = new Client();

Make requests with the request() method:

// Go to the website
$crawler = $client->request('GET', '');

The method returns a Crawler object (Symfony\Component\DomCrawler\Crawler).

Fine-tune cURL options:

$client->getClient()->setDefaultOption('config/curl/'.CURLOPT_TIMEOUT, 60);

Click on links:

// Click on the "Security Advisories" link
$link = $crawler->selectLink('Security Advisories')->link();
$crawler = $client->click($link);

Extract data:

// Get the latest post in this category and display the titles
$crawler->filter('h2 > a')->each(function ($node) {
    print $node->text()."\n";

Submit forms:

$crawler = $client->request('GET', '');
$crawler = $client->click($crawler->selectLink('Sign in')->link());
$form = $crawler->selectButton('Sign in')->form();
$crawler = $client->submit($form, array('login' => 'fabpot', 'password' => 'xxxxxx'));
$crawler->filter('.flash-error')->each(function ($node) {
    print $node->text()."\n";

More Information

Read the documentation of the BrowserKit and DomCrawler Symfony Components for more information about what you can do with Goutte.


Goutte is pronounced goot i.e. it rhymes with boot and not out.

Technical Information

Goutte is a thin wrapper around the following fine PHP libraries:

  • Symfony Components: BrowserKit, CssSelector and DomCrawler;
  • Guzzle HTTP Component.


Goutte is licensed under the MIT license.

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