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61278b9 Update vendors and recompile goutte.phar


Update vendors and recompile goutte.phar

Updating Zend fixes a bug in `Zend/HTTP/Header/SetCookie`:

* [zendframework/zendframework#929
* [](
* [](

Remove `Zend/Tool/Framework/Exception` path from compiler:

* [zendframework/zendframework#817


by stof at 2012-04-02T13:24:02Z

You should use the beta3 release of ZF instead of today's master branch IMO (btw, the code works well with beta3. Mink already uses beta3 when providing composer packages)


by ampt at 2012-04-02T21:55:36Z

Good point, sticking to ZF releases. The only problem now is that the `SetCookie` bug fix is not included in the beta3 release. So should we wait for the next ZF release?


by stof at 2012-04-02T22:05:08Z

@ampt we should probably wait beta4 to get the bugfix, but this does not forbids to update ZF to beta3 now instead of keeping an older version.


by ampt at 2012-04-02T22:37:56Z

Thanks @stof, updated ZF to point to the beta3 release
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fabpot committed Apr 5, 2012
2 parents dd59ba9 + 61278b9 commit 5ecceb7c28a428fb93f283982cc4f5edfd96630b
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@@ -83,7 +83,6 @@ protected function getFiles()
- 'vendor/zend/library/Zend/Tool/Framework/Exception.php',
Submodule zend updated from d680d5 to db3e13

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