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This is guide for upgrade from version 1.x to 2.0 for using the CLI tool.

Rules and sets

To configure which fixers should be used you must now set rules and sets instead of fixers and level. This affects both configuration file and CLI arguments.

Default ruleset was changed from Symfony standard to more generic PSR2. You can still use Symfony standard, which in fact extends PSR2.

The term of risky fixers was introduced. Risky fixer is a fixer that may change the meaning of code (like StrictComparisonFixer fixer, which will change == into ===). No rules that are followed by risky fixers are run by default. You need to explicitly permit risky fixers to run them.

Default configuration changes

By default, PSR2 rules are used instead of Symfony rules. Files that will be fixed are php/phpt/twig instead of php/twig/xml/yml. Finally, the caching mechanism is enabled by default.

CLI options

1.x 2.0 Description Note
    --allow-risky Are risky fixers allowed                                                
--cache-file The path to the cache file option was added
--config Config class codename option was removed
--config-file --config The path to a .php_cs file option was renamed
--diff --diff Show diff
--dry-run --dry-run Run in dry-run mode
--fixers Coding standard fixers option was removed, see --rules
--format --format Choose format
--level Coding standard level option was removed, see --rules
--path-mode Should the finder from config be
overridden or intersected with path arg
option was added
--rules Rules to be used option was added
--using-cache Does cache should be used option was added

CLI argument

On 2.x line path argument is an array, so you may pass multiple paths.

Intersection path mode makes the path argument a mask for finder you have defined in your configuration file. Only files pointed by both finder and CLI path argument will be fixed.

Exit codes

Exit codes for fix command have been changed and are build using the following bit flags:

1.x bit 2.0 bit Description Note
0 0 OK
1 1 General error (or PHP/HHVM minimal requirement not matched) no longer used for other states, never combined with other flags
4 Some files have invalid syntax flag was added, works only in dry-run mode
8 Some files need fixing flag was added, works only in dry-run mode
16 16 Configuration error of the application
32 32 Configuration error of a Fixer
64 Exception within the application flag was added


Symfony\CS namespace was renamed into PhpCsFixer.

Config file

From now you can create new configuration file: .php_cs.dist. This file is used if no .php_cs file was found. It is recommended to create .php_cs.dist file attached in your repository and add .php_cs file to .gitignore for allowing your contributors to have theirs own configuration file.

Config and Finder classes

All off Symfony\CS\Config\* and Symfony\CS\Finder\* classes have been removed, instead use PhpCsFixer\Config and PhpCsFixer\Finder.

For that reason you can not set config class by --config CLI argument, from now it is used to set configuration file. Therefor the --config-file CLI argument is no longer available.

Renamed rules

Old name New name Note
align_double_arrow binary_operator_spaces use configuration ['align_double_arrow' => true]
align_equals binary_operator_spaces use configuration ['align_equals' => true]
array_element_no_space_before_comma no_whitespace_before_comma_in_array
array_element_white_space_after_comma whitespace_after_comma_in_array
blankline_after_open_tag blank_line_after_opening_tag
concat_with_spaces concat_space use configuration ['spacing' => 'one']
concat_without_spaces concat_space use configuration ['spacing' => 'none']
double_arrow_multiline_whitespaces no_multiline_whitespace_around_double_arrow
duplicate_semicolon no_empty_statement new one fixes more cases
empty_return simplified_null_return
echo_to_print no_mixed_echo_print use configuration ['use' => 'print']
eof_ending single_blank_line_at_eof
extra_empty_lines no_extra_consecutive_blank_lines
function_call_space no_spaces_after_function_name
general_phpdoc_annotation_rename phpdoc_no_alias_tag use configuration ['property-read' => 'property', 'property-write' => 'property']
indentation indentation_type
join_function no_alias_functions new one fixes more aliases
line_after_namespace blank_line_after_namespace
linefeed line_ending whitespaces type aware
list_commas no_trailing_comma_in_list_call
logical_not_operators_with_spaces not_operator_with_space
logical_not_operators_with_successor_space not_operator_with_successor_space
long_array_syntax array_syntax use configuration ['syntax' => 'long']
method_argument_default_value no_unreachable_default_argument_value
multiline_array_trailing_comma trailing_comma_in_multiline_array
multiline_spaces_before_semicolon no_multiline_whitespace_before_semicolons
multiple_use single_import_per_statement
namespace_no_leading_whitespace no_leading_namespace_whitespace
newline_after_open_tag linebreak_after_opening_tag
no_empty_lines_after_phpdocs no_blank_lines_after_phpdoc
object_operator object_operator_without_whitespace
operators_spaces binary_operator_spaces
ordered_use ordered_imports
parenthesis no_spaces_inside_parenthesis
php4_constructor no_php4_constructor
php_closing_tag no_closing_tag
phpdoc_params phpdoc_align
phpdoc_property phpdoc_no_alias_tag use configuration ['type' => 'var']
phpdoc_short_description phpdoc_summary
phpdoc_type_to_var phpdoc_no_alias_tag use configuration ['type' => 'var']
phpdoc_var_to_type phpdoc_no_alias_tag use configuration ['var' => 'type']
print_to_echo no_mixed_echo_print use configuration ['use' => 'echo']
remove_leading_slash_use no_leading_import_slash
remove_lines_between_uses no_extra_consecutive_blank_lines use configuration ['use']
return blank_line_before_return
short_array_syntax array_syntax use configuration ['syntax' => 'short']
short_bool_cast no_short_bool_cast
short_echo_tag no_short_echo_tag
short_tag full_opening_tag
single_array_no_trailing_comma no_trailing_comma_in_singleline_array
spaces_after_semicolon space_after_semicolon
spaces_before_semicolon no_singleline_whitespace_before_semicolons
spaces_cast cast_spaces
standardize_not_equal standardize_not_equals
strict strict_comparison
ternary_spaces ternary_operator_spaces
trailing_spaces no_trailing_whitespace
unalign_double_arrow binary_operator_spaces use configuration ['align_double_arrow' => false]
unalign_equals binary_operator_spaces use configuration ['align_equals' => false]
unary_operators_spaces unary_operator_spaces
unneeded_control_parentheses no_unneeded_control_parentheses
unused_use no_unused_imports
visibility visibility_required
whitespacy_lines no_whitespace_in_blank_line

Changes to Fixers

Fixer Note
psr0 Fixer no longer takes base dir from ConfigInterface::getDir, instead you may configure the fixer with ['dir' => 'my/path'].

Custom fixers

If you have registered custom fixers in your config file *.php_cs using addCustomFixer() method...

// phpcs-fixer v1.*
$config = Symfony\CS\Config\Config::create()
        // ...
    ->addCustomFixer(new ShopSys\CodingStandards\CsFixer\MissingButtonTypeFixer())
    ->addCustomFixer(new ShopSys\CodingStandards\CsFixer\OrmJoinColumnRequireNullableFixer()); you have to use registerCustomFixers() method instead and enable the custom fixers by their names in the setRules() method:

// phpcs-fixer v2.*
$config = PhpCsFixer\Config::create()
        new ShopSys\CodingStandards\CsFixer\MissingButtonTypeFixer(),
        new ShopSys\CodingStandards\CsFixer\OrmJoinColumnRequireNullableFixer(),
        'Shopsys/missing_button_type' => true,
        'Shopsys/orm_join_column_require_nullable' => true,
        // ...