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Allow $this type hint
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Charlotte Dunois committed Jul 2, 2018
1 parent 13f9f53 commit 50d4d9834bafab3d39b11409e34f50c8105a527a
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@@ -372,7 +372,7 @@ public function seedCache($previous, $current)

public static function isPhpTypeHint($hint)
return in_array(strtolower($hint), array('', 'scalar', 'object', 'boolean', 'bool', 'true', 'false', 'int', 'integer', 'array', 'string', 'mixed', 'void', 'null', 'resource', 'double', 'float', 'callable'));
return in_array(strtolower($hint), array('', 'scalar', 'object', 'boolean', 'bool', 'true', 'false', 'int', 'integer', 'array', 'string', 'mixed', 'void', 'null', 'resource', 'double', 'float', 'callable', '$this'));

protected function updateCache(ClassReflection $class)

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