optionally enable running test suite on already checked out code #41

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i am interested in using sismo to continuously check the current state of development, so i don't want to run the tests against code i have committed already, but what i am working on at the very moment. also i would rather like to not checkout all the vendors. so it would be good to be able to run the tests inside the already checked out code.


marijn commented Nov 1, 2011

+1, Right now I have a build directory of 850MB due to all the recursive git dependencies. Moreover this prevents from having a parameters.ini.dist file.


cordoval commented Dec 20, 2011

we saw the same issue sometime ago https://github.com/cordoval/SismoExtensions/wiki/SismoExtensions-Home

I had done some git post commit hooks to triger SismoFinder stuff. But havvg is the one actually killing the chicken now


cordoval commented Feb 18, 2012

@lsmith77 we have to integrate everzet resource watcher component here... do you have ideas on how to approach it? is this what you referred to months ago?


lyrixx commented Oct 15, 2012

@lsmith77 This issues seems fixed. Can you confirm ?

@lyrixx i dont have a sismo setup atm .. as it seems to work for you .. i am closing this ticket.

@lsmith77 lsmith77 closed this Oct 15, 2012

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