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recover after build crash #95

Elexy opened this Issue · 4 comments

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If for some reason the build fails and there are records in the commit table with state 'building' how to recover? I've manually deleted the records and the builds will go again.

Maybe an option to move all 'building' states to 'aborted' from the command line?


You can use the --force option.

A sample : php build/sismo.php build composer --force -v

@lyrixx lyrixx closed this

I agree that after a crash some manual interference can be expected of the user and I've done that, but it messes up the niceness of Sismo because you could have multiple jobs running at the same time because 'building' states are ignored. Using --force does not change the state of the 'building' builds. meaning once a build was left in 'building' state you should thereafter always use --force.

Using --force maybe a good way of handling it if it would set all previous 'building' builds to some other state on success, so the next regular build will run as normal.

IMHO relying on sqlite db edit is not a nice way to handle crashed builds.


@Elexy : I hit the same bug, and like you, I think what @lyrixx proposes is a workaround, not a solution. I think you should reopen that issue.


@lyrixx @Elexy : can either of you reopen this issue ?

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