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REDAXO Community World Map

A map filled with people being involved in REDAXO CMS. Hosted at GitHub, which allows for everyone to add their map entries. Join us!



The screenshot above shows what user entries look like. You’ll even get your own URL for your entry, which is awesome! Look, this is a link to Markus.

How to add and manage your entry?

You can add your marker to the map and manage your data by yourself. Learn about 3 ways how to manage your entry! 🚀

Who’s the map for?

The map is for any person being involved in REDAXO: developers, users, editors, writers, designers, friends and family et al. It’s about visualizing the REDAXO community. If you use or support REDAXO, the map is for you!

How does this map work?

No big deal: GitHub allows to generate static websites out of repositories. They make use of Jekyll, a ruby based generator. Jekyll comes with Liquid templates, which helped us to inject all our map entries within a JSON at the bottom of the HTML. JavaScript grabs the data and starts a nice Leaflet map with beautiful tiles provided by CARTO.
—Well, that’s it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Can we use your map for our community?

Sure, it’s open source! However, we don’t provide a release or some setup script. We’d recommend you to download the repo as zip file instead and make it run on your local machine first (see for instructions). Afterwards you’ll need to replace some REDAXO content with your community content, empty the _directory/data folder and start over with a shiny fresh map.

In case you struggle, we’d love to help! 🙋‍♂️
Also if your map is live we’d be grateful to receive a quick note from you: friendsof [at] Thanks!

How to run the map on my local machine?

See for instructions.

What else?

You should join our Slack chat. It’s full of nice REDAXO people! ✌️
Provide your email to receive an invitation: