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How to add and manage your entry

The project is hosted at GitHub, which allows for everyone to add and manage their map entries by themselves! This is pretty cool.

Learn about 3 ways how to manage your entry:

1. Send a pull request

This is the best option: fork the repo, add or update your entry and send a pull request. Once merged, it will be live on the map! 💯

👉 Did you know you don’t need to work with Git to add your entry? GitHub provides all the tools on its website and you can start using them immediately, see Howto: add your entry via GitHub website.

2. Open an issue

Second best option: if you’re not familiar with forking and pull requests, just open a GitHub issue with your data inside. We’ll take care and add your data to the map.

3. Contact us

Worst option, but no worries, we’d love to help! If you don’t have a GitHub account at all or you do not feel comfortable to open an issue containing your data, just send it to us. Email: friendsof [at] redaxo.org

Btw: what data? 👇

Data structure

Have a look at the example file .data.example.yml. Aside from dummy data it contains a lot of helpful comments on how to structure your data!

For your entry, add a new folder inside of _directory/data. It is best to name the folder after your name so that you can find it later and get a cool URL for it! (just like Jan has one). Add a data.yml which contains your data according to the example file. Also add an image to the folder, if you don’t want to refer to an external image (like gravatar.com or your GitHub profile picture).

If you're not sure, take a look at existing user folders to see how to do it. And no worries, the data is always save, you cannot do anything wrong!

What data should I provide?

The map requires your name or nickname and your geo position. Everything else is optional. Of course we'd all love to read more about you and maybe see your picture! But it’s completely up to you whether to provide it or not!