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Tool for uploading new plugin releases to Shopware Store
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Tool for uploading new plugin releases to Shopware Store

This Tool works only for the new plugin system or Shopware Platform

Required Enviroment variables

Name Default Description
PLUGIN_ID Plugin ID from Can be obtained from the link
ACCOUNT_PASSWORD Shopware ID password

Requirements for Plugin

Using the Commands


Will upload the zip to the store and triggers a code review. Plugin version can be deployed multiple times. It will be updated then

Valid arguments are:

pathToZip - path to the zip file

Valid options are:

--skipCodeReviewResult - Skip waiting for Code-Review Result


Will update some informations about the plugin like description and images

Valid arguments are:

path - path to the /Resources/store

For more Information about the Resources/store folder checkout this


Will check the plugin for validation exceptions for Code Review

Valid arguments are:

pathToZip - path to the zip file


Shows all plugins in the account with the id, name, latest version and last changed.


Downloads all store resources from store to the given folder


Allows to zip the git repository of the plugin

gitPath - path to the git repository
branch - Optional: will detect the latest tag, otherwise will use master

A .sw-zip-blacklist file can be used to define which files should be deleted before creating the zip



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