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How to contribute to Friends of Shopware

Obviously everyone who wants to contribute can do that by creating pull requests or issues. As we want to provide high quality Shopware plugins, we are always happy to discuss about our solutions and code. Even the smallest pull request is important! 💪

So if you have any suggestions or questions, feel very free to get in touch with us!

Rules for new plugin contributions

If you have a plugin that could be useful for other users/developers and you want to publish it as a member of Friends of Shopware, please also join our Gitter channel. We'd like to extend our range and help you with bringing your plugin into the Frosh context.

Your plugin should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Your plugin supports the latest version of Shopware.
  • Use Semantic Versioning to manage version numbers.
  • Maintain a (example) and also maintain the changelogs in the plugin.xml.
  • Have a based on our boilerplate.
  • The plugin will be published under the MIT license.
  • Your plugin is well documented with PHPDoc.
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