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First of all, thank you for contributing, you are awesome!

Here are a few rules to follow in order to ease code reviews, and discussions before maintainers accept and merge your work:

  • You MUST follow the PSR-1 and PSR-2 recommendations. Use the PHP-CS-Fixer tool to fix the syntax of your code automatically.
  • You MUST run the test suite.
  • You MUST write (or update) unit tests.
  • You SHOULD write documentation.

Please, write commit messages that make sense, and rebase your branch before submitting your Pull Request.

One may ask you to squash your commits too. This is used to "clean" your Pull Request before merging it (we don't want commits such as fix tests, fix 2, fix 3, etc.).

Also, while creating your Pull Request on GitHub, you MUST write a description which gives the context and/or explains why you are creating it.

Thank you!

Running tests

Before running the test suite, execute the following Composer command to install the dependencies used by the bundle:

$ composer install --dev

Then, execute the tests executing:

$ phpunit

JavaScript Test Suite

First, install PhantomJS and Google Closure Library:

$ npm install google-closure-library

Run the JS test suite with:

$ phantomjs Resources/js/run_jsunit.js Resources/js/router_test.html

Compiling the JavaScript files


We already provide a compiled version of the JavaScript; this section is only relevant if you want to make changes to this script.

In order to re-compile the JavaScript source files that we ship with this bundle, you need the Google Closure Tools. You need the plovr tool, which is a Java ARchive, so you also need a working Java environment. You can re-compile the JavaScript with the following command:

$ java -jar plovr.jar build Resources/config/plovr/compile.js

Alternatively, you can use the JMSGoogleClosureBundle. If you install this bundle, you can re-compile the JavaScript with the following command:

$ php app/console plovr:build @FOSJsRoutingBundle/compile.js