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@@ -4,13 +4,17 @@ Upgrading
Note as FOSRestBundle is not yet declared stable, this document will be updated to
list important BC breaks.
-### upgrading from 0.7.0 to master
+### upgrading from 0.9.0
+ * the view response listener is now disabled by default
+### upgrading from 0.7.0
* renamed "query" fetcher to "param" fetcher, this affects the configuration as well as the name of interfaces and request attributes
* ViewHandler now only calls "createView()" in a single form instance set as "form" in the data array
* removed "serializer_version" config option on favor of "serializer: ['version': ..]"
-### upgrading from 0.6.0 to master
+### upgrading from 0.6.0
* renamed [get|set]Objects*() to [get|set]Serializer*()
* renamed the "objects_version: XXX" configuration option to "serializer: [version: XXX]"
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