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Step 3: Listener support
-There are at least 4 listeners. Listeners are a way to hook into the REST handling of
+are a way to hook into the REST handling of
a request and in the preparation of a response to send back. The hooks in view relate
to getting things from the request (parameter fetcher listener), doing some processing
with the payload gotten from a request (body listener), formatting the response either
with a template engine like twig or to json format or xml via the serializer (format
listener), and finally also how to affect the response like in the previous listener
but in things relating to the view (view response listener).
-With this in mind we now turn to expound each one of them.
+With this in mind we now turn to explain each one of them.
All listeners except the ``mime_type`` one are disabled by default. You can
enable one or more of these listeners. For example, below you can see how to

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