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LINK support #325

lsmith77 opened this Issue November 18, 2012 · 8 comments

5 participants

Lukas Kahwe Smith Miha Vrhovnik dupuchba Ben Meynell William Durand
Lukas Kahwe Smith

RFC 2068 was obsoleted by RFC 2616, thereby LINK is no longer part of the spec. however RFC RFC 5988 aims to define a LINK header.

related: #323, #288

Miha Vrhovnik

aha. I knew I was right, when I said it's not in the specs anymore, but I was unable to find proper RFCs


What is the alternative though? any support in the doc? #323 #288

Ben Meynell

Alternative is to not use LINK at all and instead create a separate resource that serves as the link (similar to a m2m table).


@bmeynell do you have any example? I don't get it...

William Durand

@dupuchba think about friendship between users, and how to add/remove friends.


So I must use PATCH to add a user to the collection? @willdurand

William Durand

I would PUT the collection, or use LINK whatever the spec says.


I have to say your listener in your tuto is quite impressive :) @willdurand ! Ithink we should close this issue then @lsmith77

Lukas Kahwe Smith lsmith77 closed this April 15, 2013
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