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RFC 2068 was obsoleted by RFC 2616, thereby LINK is no longer part of the spec. however RFC RFC 5988 aims to define a LINK header.

related: #323, #288

mvrhov commented Nov 18, 2012

aha. I knew I was right, when I said it's not in the specs anymore, but I was unable to find proper RFCs


What is the alternative though? any support in the doc? #323 #288


Alternative is to not use LINK at all and instead create a separate resource that serves as the link (similar to a m2m table).


@bmeynell do you have any example? I don't get it...


@dupuchba think about friendship between users, and how to add/remove friends.


So I must use PATCH to add a user to the collection? @willdurand


I would PUT the collection, or use LINK whatever the spec says.


I have to say your listener in your tuto is quite impressive :) @willdurand ! Ithink we should close this issue then @lsmith77

@lsmith77 lsmith77 closed this Apr 15, 2013
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