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Tap RFID card on Tessel RFID reader to text
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Calling Card

Tap an RFID card on a Tessel RFID reader to send a text over Twilio to any phone.

You need

  • Tessel + RFID Module + RFID card (one comes with the module)
  • A phone (to receive texts)

Setting up

  1. Set up your Twilio account (it's free!)
  2. Install your Tessel
  3. Clone this repo
  4. Set up your config.json file based on the example-config.json file
  5. Run npm install to install Node dependencies
  6. Connect Tessel to the internet
  7. Run the code on Tessel: tessel run index.js
  8. When the console logs that the reader is ready, tap a card to receive a text!

Future work

This is a work in progress; it would be much more useful to create a lookup for different UIDs, and associate specific RFID cards with specific people.

Use Cases

  • "I'm home" text to family members
  • Someone came to visit, but you weren't there (think Victorian calling cards)
  • Very fast check-ins at locations with associated RFID cards (e.g. if you could register a transit card with Foursquare to check in at locations)
  • Tool checkout– tap to text someone that you're borrowing their thing
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