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[adams]: "Adams, Douglas. 'Last Chance to See.' 1990. An entertaining romp with the Hitchhiker's Guide author as he travels with a zoologist to see a number of the world's most endangered species. Enjoyable, but light on information."
[aggarwal]: "Aggarwal, Sonia and Harvey, Hal. 'Rethinking Energy Policy to Deliver a Clean Energy Future.' Energy Innovation, 2013."
[atwood]: "Atwood, Margaret. 'The Carbonivore Fund'. List of companies working against climate change."
[bainbridge]: "Bainbridge, David. 'A Guide for Desert and Dryland Restoration: New Hope for Arid Lands.' Island Press, 2007."
[barber]: "Barber, Dan. 'The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food.' 2014. A chef's search for excellent farm-to-table flavor and accompanying romance with organics and sustainability."
[begley]: "Begley, Sharon. Learning to Love Climate Adaptation. 2007. Newsweek. Economic opportunities created by climate change."
[berners-lee]: "Berners-Lee, Mike. 'How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything.' 2010. An guide to help the average reader develop an instinct for the emissions impact of their everyday choices."
[bronin]: "Bronin, Sara. 'The Promise and Perils of Renewable Energy on Tribal Lands.' 2013."
[brysse]: "Brysse, Keynyn; Oreskes, Naomi; O'Reilly, Jessica; Oppenheimer, Michael. Climate change prediction: Erring on the side of least drama? 2013."
[caiso]: "CAISO. 'ISO Basics.' FAQs on interconnecting with the CA ISO"
[carson]: "Carson, Rachel. 'Silent Spring.' 1962. Foundational book of the environmental movement, wholly focused on insecticide sprays and now fairly outdated."
[caspary]: "Caspary, Jay. 'Electric Transmission 101: Markets, ISO/RTOs and Grid Planning/Operations.' 2013. Southwest Power Pool."
[chabot]: "Chabot, Bennet. Discussion."
[chao]: "Chao, Julie. 'Berkeley Lab to Lead Multimillion-Dollar Geothermal Energy Project.' Berkeley Lab, 2017."
[charlier]: "Charlier, R. H. 'Ocean Energy: Tide and Tidal Power.' Springer, 2009."
[clark]: "Clark, Duncan. 'How long do greenhouse gases stay in the air?' 2012."
[cpuc]: "California Public Utilities Commission. 'Beyond 33% Renewables: Grid Integration Policy for a Low-­Carbon Future'. 2015."
[cravens]: "Cravens, Gwyneth. Power to Save the World: the Truth about Nuclear Energy. 2007."
[cuff]: "Cuff, Madeleine. 'Vattenfall Starts Work on UK Hybrid Wind and Solar Farm.' 2016. The Guardian."
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[diamond]: "Diamond, Jared. 'Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed.' 2005."
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[eei]: "Edison Electric Institute. 'Electricity 101.' 2010."
[eia]: "Energy Information Administration. 'Annual Energy Outlook 2016 with projections to 2040.' 2016."
[energy.govptc]: " 'Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit (PTC).' 2016. Information on federal tax credit for renewable energy production."
[epa]: "EPA. 'Overview of Greenhouse Gases.' 2014."
[epa-energy]: "EPA. 'Climate Impacts on Energy.' 2017."
[epa-gwp]: "EPA. 'Understanding Global Warming Potentials.'"
[epri]: "Electric Power Research Institute. 'The Integrated Grid: Realizing the Full Value of Central and Distributed Energy Resources.' 2014. Paper designed to give stakeholders in DER context and examples for desiging systems to handle distributed energy resources in the United States."
[ferc]: "Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. 'Energy Primer: A Handbook of Energy Market Basics.' 2015."
[fitzgerald]: "Fitzgerald, Garrett, et al. 'The Economics of Battery Energy Storage: How Multi-Use, Customer-Sited Batteries Deliver the Most Services and Value to Customers and the Grid.' 2015. Rocky Mountain Institute."
[freudenrich]: "Freudenrich, Craig. 'How Oil Drilling Works.'"
[friedman]: "Friedman, Thomas. 'Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution--and How It Can Renew America.' 2008. Concise, compelling, and holistic, this systems-level view is a standout for its treatment of environmental issues in a geopolitical context."
[girouard]: "Girouard, Coley. 'Advanced metering: Making the most of connectivity for a modern grid.' Utility Dive, 2017."
[goodell]: "Goodell, Jeff. How to Cool the Planet. 2010. Conversational introduction to geoengineering."
[hawken]: "Hawken, Paul. Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. 2017."
[helston]: "Helston, Charlotte. 'EnergyBC Profiles: Tidal.' 2011. Excellent overview for tidal power in general and the Northwest Coast specifically."
[graves]: "Graves, F.C. 'A Primer on Electric Power Flow for Economists and Utility Planners.' Electric Power Research Institute, 1995."
[hiskens]: "Hiskens, Ian. 'Introduction to Power Grid Operation.' Michigan Engineering. 2013."
[hug]: "Hug, Gabriela. 'Fundamentals in Electric Energy Systems.' Carnegie Mellon University Electric Energy Systems Group, 2013."
[ifc]: "International Finance Corporation. 'Utility-Scale Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants: A Project Developer’s Guide.' 2015. Detailed guide for the siting, building, and efficient operation of a large-scale solar farm."
[james]: "James, Adam. 'Explainer: How capacity markets work.' 2013."
[joslin]: "Joslin, James. 'Demonstration of Biofouling Mitigation Methods for Long-Term Deployment of Optical Cameras.' Marine Technology Society Journal. 2015."
[kiker]: "Kiker, Patrick. 'New Report Finds Energy Efficiency is America’s Cheapest Energy Resource.' 2014."
[king]: "King, Martin Luther, Jr. 'Radical Revolution of Values.' 1967."
[kilcher]: "Kilcher, Levi. Measuring Turbulence from Moored Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters. National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 2016. A manual for low-cost measurement of turbulence at tidal turbine sites."
[kirschen]: "Kirschen, Daniel. 'Fundamentals of Power System Economics.' Wiley, 2004."
[klein]: "Klein, Naomi. 'This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate.' 2014. A frustrated look at how short-term economic gain has taken precedence over long-term through the last ~40 years of extreme capitalist values. Includes suggestions for sweeping changes to correct."
[klossner]: "Tidal Energy. 2003."
[kolbert]: "Kolbert, Elizabeth. 'The Sixth Extinction.' 2014. A broad-scoped investigation on the impact of humans on the earth, particularly its other species. The author writes invitingly and convincingly, and her experiences are intimate anecdotes of her explorations with the leading scientists of the day. This book will leave you with a much better (and perhaps a more visceral) understanding of the Anthropocene: the legacy of humankind carrying forward millions of years."
[larsson]: "Larsson, Magnus. 'Turning Dunes into Architecture.' TED 2009. Combating desertification in Africa through biology-driven sandstone architecture."
[lizza]: "Lizza, Ryan. 'As The World Burns: How The Senate and the White House missed their best chance to deal with climate change.' New Yorker, 2010. Money, politics, and failure to implement carbon taxation in the United States."
[lorenz]: "Lorenz, Andreas. Translated by Kessler, Patrick. SPIEGEL Interview with China's Deputy Minister of the Environment: 'The Chinese Miracle Will End Soon'. 2005. Spiegel Online International. Candid interview with China's Deputy Minister of the Environment."
[louv]: "Louv, Richard. Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Kids from Nature Deficit Disorder. 2005. Somewhat romanticized but still resonant argument that children need nature, and they're not growing up with it anymore."
[lovins]: "Lovins, L. and Cohen, Boyd. Climate Capitalism. 2011. How businesses should and do profit by reducing their carbon footprint. Reads as a bit idealistic, but there are a lot of examples."
[maehlum]: "Maehlum, Mathias. 'How Does Tidal Power Work?' 2013."
[maloney]: "Maloney, Peter. 'Despite technological advances, flow batteries struggle against market giant lithium-ion.' 2017. Utility Dive."
[mccarthy]: "McCarthy, Michael. 'City Plans for Tidal Energy Surging Ahead.' Bay Crossings, October 2002. San Francisco Bay Area tidal power potential."
[mctiernan]: "McTiernan, Kaylie. 'Scenario Analysis of Tidal Turbines: Sustainable Designs in Response to Holistic Considerations.' University of Washington, 2016."
[mcwilliams]: "McWilliams, James. 'Just Food: How Locavores Get it Wrong and How We Can Truly Eat Responsibly.' 2009."
[meadows]: "Meadows, Donella, Meadows, Dennis, Randers, Jorgen. 'The Limits to Growth: the 30-Year Update.' 2004. Textbook-level explanation of a mathematical model of the world's financial, climate, industrial, population, etc. situations; exponential growth; and the carrying capacity of earth."
[montgomery]: "Montgomery, David. King of Fish: the Thousand-Year Run of Salmon. 2003. Everything about what salmon need to survive, and how these factors are changing with human activity."
[more than smart]: "Resnick Institute, Greentech Leadership Group. 'More than Smart: A Framework to Make The Distribution Grid More Open, Efficient, and Resilient.' 2014."
[muller]: "Muller, Richard. 'Energy for Future Presidents.' W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2012. Berkeley professor of physics and founder of Berkeley Earth project on global warming explains current energy technologies in context."
[murphy]: "Murphy, Tom. 'The Energy Trap.' 2011. Discussion of peak oil."
[murphy-tides]: "Murphy, Tom. 'Can Tides Turn the Tide?' 2011. Tidal power discussion."
[naam]: "Naam, Ramez. 'The Infinite Resource'. University Press of New England, 2013."
[naamsolar]: "Naam, Ramez. 'How Cheap can Solar Get? Very Cheap Indeed.' 2015. Analysis of market readiness for solar technology."
[naamstorage]: "Naam, Ramez. 'How Cheap Can Energy Storage Get? Pretty Darn Cheap.' 2015."
[naamwind]: "Naam, Ramez. 'How Steady can Wind Power Blow.' 2015. Analysis of market readiness for wind power."
[nei]: "Nuclear Energy Institute. 'Quick Facts: Nuclear Energy in America.' 2015. Fact sheet about nuclear power produced by an organization with a vested interest in its success."
[orourke]: "O Rourke, Fergal. 'Tidal Energy Update 2009.' 2010. Dublin Institute of Technology."
[owen]: "Owen, David. 'The Conundrum: How Scientific Innovation, Increased Efficiency, and Good Intentions Can Make Our Energy and Climate Problems Worse.' 2012. Like Smil, but without as thorough a scientific backing. Main point is that efficiency gains tend to lead to increased rather than decreased consumption."
[palomino]: "Palomino, Joaquin. 'Alaska Harnesses Power of Tides, Rivers, and Waves.' 2014. Alaska Public Media."
[pattison]: "Pattison, Chris. 'Co-location of Wind and Solar Power Plants and Their Integration onto the US Power Grid.' 2015. VirginiaTech."
[pearce]: "Pearce, Fred. 'With Speed and Violence: Why Scientists Fear Tipping Points in Climate Change.' 2007. Early chapters have great explanations of the basic climate systems of the planet."
[pett]: "Pett, Joel. 'The cartoon seen \'round the world.' 2009."
[polis]: "Polis, H. Dreyer, S., and Jenkins, L. (2016) Public willingness to pay and policy preferences for tidal energy research and development: a study of households in Washington state, Proceedings of the 4th Marine Energy Technology Symposium, Washington, D.C., April 25-27"
[rusch]: "Rusch, Elizabeth. The Next Wave: The Quest to Harness the Power of the Ocean. Houghton Mifflin, 2014. A children's book introduction to wave power research, showcasing several different techniques and configurations and how they work."
[ryan]: "Ryan, Dr. Nancy. 'California PATHWAYS: Long-Term Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scenarios for California.' Symposium on Governor Brown's GHG Reduction Goals, 2015."
[sale]: "Sale, Danny. 'Computational Simulation of Tidal Generation Estuary-Scale Scenarios.' "
[salter]: "Salter, Stephen. 'Wave energy: Nostalgic Ramblings, future hopes and heretical suggestions.' Journal of Ocean Engineering Marine Energy. 2016."
[saunders]: "Saunders, Nigel. 'Geothermal Energy.' Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2008."
[simpson]: "Simpson, Leanne. 'Leanne Simpson speaking at Beit Zatoun.' 2012."
[smil]: "Smil, Vaclav. 'Energy Myths and Realities.' 2010. Debunking of various headlines surrounding energy miracles. My study guide on the book:"
[stjohn]: "St. John, Jeff. 'California’s Plan to Turn Distributed Energy Resources Into Grid Market Players.' 2015. Green Tech Media."
[sutter]: "Sutter, John. 'There\'s a cheap, proven fix to the world's biggest problem.' Really overstated title, but decent information about carbon taxation."
[sutterparis]: "Sutter, John. 'What\'s next for the Paris agreement?' 2016. Straightforward FAQ on the Paris Agreement."
[trabish]: "Trabish, Herman K. 'Have California's efforts to value distributed resources hit a roadblock?'. 2017. Utility Dive."
[trabish-dynamic]: "Trabish, Herman. 'Beyond ToU: Is more dynamic pricing the future of rate design?' Utility Dive, 2017."
[victor]: "Victor, Bret. 'What Can a Technologist Do about Climate Change? (A Personal View).' 2015. Essay on how techies and entrepreneurs can work on the problem of climate change."
[weisman]: "Weisman, Alan. 'The World Without Us.' 2007. How Earth would remember our species if all humans suddenly disappeared. Thoroughly researched and dryly stated."
[wentz]: "Wentz, Jessica. 'Using Online Databasing to Unlock the Full Value of Environmental Impact Assessments.' Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, Columbia Law School, 2016."
[wilczewski]: "Wilczewski, Warren. 'Future natural gas plant liquids production depends on resources, market conditions.' 2016."
[yakama]: "Yakama Nation. 'Climate Adaptation Plan for the Territories of the Yakama Nation.' 2016. Link isn't the full report. Climate change adaptation plan for Yakama Nation with help from Oregon & WA universities."
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