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WordPress Genesis child theme. Simple, yet stylish blog lay-out.


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Twenty of Time - A WordPress Genesis Child Theme


Version: 1.0
Created on: WordPress 4.1, Genesis 2.1
License: MIT


This theme is out of date and has seen no updates in years. It no longer works correctly.

I have been working on a weblog recently, trying to hit that sweet spot between a functional theme and a minimal lay-out. I tried to remove all clutter, whilst still being able to use it with any preferred lay-out style. The main content area is moved up a bit, to give the whole a more dynamic feel. Right now I use it on Twenty of Time


Download the zip file and upload it as a theme on your WordPress installation. The menu is featured in the right-header sidebar, so create a menu widget (in appearance > widgets) and add your main menu there. That's all there is to it, enjoy!

twenty of time theme


I tried to keep as much user freedom in the theme, whilst trying to keep it as clean as possible for personal use. As with all designs I make it's easy to pick different colours and match them as you wish. More on that below.
The theme also allows featured images, which I find very attractive on a weblog. The images are much wider than they are tall in the example, but everything is possible (optimised width: 800px, screenshot height: 200px). They show up on singular posts/pages the same way they do as you see in the screenshots, with a little space between the featured image and the post.


As with most themes I publish, they are made for personal use and can be modified freely. It comes with the MIT-License, so please credit me for the work done.

Deleting the Created By

This is an easy part to remove. When you have the theme installed, go to Appearance > Editor. On the right sidebar, select functions.php. Scroll to the bottom and look for this line: <p>© 2015 <?php echo get_bloginfo('name'); ?> · Design by <a href="" target="_blank">Friso van Dijk</a></p>.
You can safely remove anything from Design by up to </a>. The first time shows the copyright notice on 2015 with your blog name. Easily customise this with some html.

Editing the colors

For this, you will need to use SASS. This is a css preprocessor. The project uses several sass files, so you will need to do this locally with a compiler. I use koala. Inside the theme folder, open `partials/_variables.scss' and edit the colors at will. It already has a list of colors that go well with the theme.
Here I assume that you already have some experience with this kind of thing. If not, feel free to contact me and I will see if I can do anything to help.


My thanks to Greg Rickaby for supplying the Genesis Sample theme in a ready SASS structure.


WordPress Genesis child theme. Simple, yet stylish blog lay-out.







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