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WhiteGrey for AnchorCMS


Version: 1.0
Created on: AnchorCMS 0.9.1
License: MIT

A fully responsive theme with a darkgrey sidebar and a white content area. Has 1 theme color that is prevalent in links and titles. For Anchor CMS.

Screenshot of WhiteGrey


To install a theme in AnchorCMS, please read this (Scroll to Set Up a New Theme).

This theme requires a little bit of a setup. You need to create 1 (or 2) variables and upload your logo. To add a new variable, go to the Extend tab of the AnchorCMS admin page. Click Create a new variable and add your values.

The variables included are named sidebar and google-analytics. The first, sidebar, is the sidebar. You can add html here with anything you want.
The second variable, google-analytics, is your Google Analytics code. Use this only if you want to.

To have your own logo in the sidebar, open assets/img/ and overwrite logo.png with your own. The format is 150px in height, and the width will be automatically set. If the image is too wide, it'll cut off the sides.

When you've done this, you're all set up! Enjoy your new theme!

Editing the Theme

To change the theme color and edit the created by part, please read this file.


Can I change anything?
Yes, feel free to change up the whole thing! It's licensed under the MIT License, which means you only have to include my license, but are free to break the code by yourself.

How can I thank you?
Using the theme is thanks enough in itself. It's always cool to have something you made being used, so if you do, please leave me a tweet!


Darkgrey with white responsive theme with single color for AnchorCMS.







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