Yeoman generator for frontend apps including webpack, karma, sass and more
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Yeoman generator for frontend apps - lets you quickly set up a project including dev server, unit tests and Webpack module system.


  • Transpiling ES2015 to ES5 via Babel-Loader
  • Compiling SCSS/SASS to CSS
  • Autoprefixing styles via PostCSS
  • Automatic JavaScript code linting via esLint
  • Automatic Sass code linting via sasslint
  • HTML linting via html-validator
  • Web accessibility linting via AccessSniff
  • Ability to unit test JavaScript code via Karma and Jasmine
  • Automatic generation of sass documentation via sassdoc


# Make sure  is installed globally
npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-front-webpack
npm install -g karma-cli

Setting up projects

# Create a new directory, and `cd` into it:
mkdir new-project && cd new-project

# setting up project
yo front-webpack


Dev server

Run dev server: $ npm start Open http://localhost:8080/ to see compiled app.

Build app

If you want to build files without dev server run command $ npm run build

Test app

If you want test your app enter $npm test

This command including:

  • unit testing
  • js linting
  • sass linting
  • html validation
  • web accessibility linting

If you want run only one kind of a test you can use one of these commands:

Unit testing

$ karma start

JavaScript linting

$ npm start eslint

SASS linting

$ npm run sasslint

HTML validation

$ npm run htmllint

Web accessibility linting

$ npm start accessibility

Creating sass documentation

$ npm run sassdoc

Open server to preview documentation

$ npm run docsserver