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End Game Enhanced is a mod for Minecraft that aims to, well, enhance the end game by adding new best in slot items for almost every slot, as well as new reasons to kill just about every aggressive Mob in the game, including the Warden.

For the equipment in this mod I took a lot of inspiration from Equivalent Exchange 2, which was a mod that was included in the Tekkit (now Tekkit classic) mod pack for Minecraft 1.2.5. Other aspects of this mod, like randomly finding gems I got from Oldschool Runescape. A lot of the equipment I got ideas from other games like Oldschool Runescape, Borderlands, and God of War.

I've always liked the idea of having a reason to kill all of the mobs in the game, and while all mobs in vanilla have their uses, it's not really enough to me. Also, for a best in slot, Netherite is really easy to get, even considering the fact you have to get a Template from Bastions for it. So I thought giving mobs new unique drops that are used to make new end game equipment could be fun.

Going into making this mod I was fairly confident with Java as a coding language but really had no idea what I was getting into. This has been a huge undertaking and has been extremely rewarding. I've learned a crazy amount about Java as a whole from this project and I've loved it every step of the way. Even those times I was stuck for days on making an item work the way I wanted. I owe a lot of what I now know about Minecraft modding to KaupenJoe. His tutorials on Youtube helped me not only learn what he was teaching, but helped me develop the ability to read the code and figure things out on my own.

Vanilla changes

The biggest thing here is going to be that you can no longer go straight from Diamond gear to Netherite. There is now a tier between them, which is Onyx. Going from Diamond to Onyx and from Onyx to Netherite each require their own upgrade Template and an Onyx or Netherite ingot respectively.

Evokers no longer drop a Totem of Undying. They now drop an Unattuned Totem that is then combined with Essence to create upgradable Totems with varying effects.

Where to start

From the start of the game you can start collecting and using the new Gems you can get from mining Ores and killing mobs. With these you can work toward getting Iron and Diamond to upgrade your gear. Once you've got your Diamond gear, you can upgrade that into Onyx.

This will require four things: a Smithing table, Smithing Template, which you can obtain from Mineshaft and Mob dungeon loot, an Onyx, which can be obtained from Gem Ore and randomly from most mobs, and the piece of Diamond gear you'd like to upgrade to Onyx.

Once you're ready to upgrade to Netherite, its basically the same process, but of course with a netherite ingot, a piece of Onyx gear, and a Smithing Template which can be found in Nether Fortresses.

Finally, once you have your Trident, Bow, Crossbow, or Netherite gear you'd like to upgrade, you can upgrade it into a piece of Inevitable equipment. This process is longer and more arduous but it'll be so worth it. To upgrade to these best in slot items you'll need, you guessed it, a Smithing Template, of which there are different templates for each Inevitable piece of gear, all coming from different loot sources. Along with a specific Pure Essence for each piece of Inevitable equipment, which is crafted with unique mob drops and thematic items and blocks pertaining to the Inevitable piece you're crafting. Of course you'll need the Netherite piece you're upgrading as well.

All of these upgrades are of course done using the Smithing table, which means that durability and enchantments carry over to the upgraded item.

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