Customize GodotFireBase

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Building and Compiling

$ cd [GODOT-ROOT]/modules/FireBase/

Get your google-services.json file from, Now copy your google-services.json to [GODOT-ROOT]/platform/android/java/ and edit modules/FireBase/ at line 17

env.android_add_default_config("applicationId 'com.your.appid'")

replace com.your.appid with you android application id.


Now to remove some features from GodotFireBase module, edit modules/FireBase/ and set False to features you don't want to compile,

(e.g) Following removes Firestore

# Update this to customize the module
_config = {
"Analytics": True,
"AdMob" : True,
"Invites" : True,
"RemoteConfig" : True,
"Notification" : True,
"Storage" : True,
"Firestore" : False,

"Authentication" : True,
"AuthGoogle" : True,
"AuthFacebook" : True,
"AuthTwitter" : True

== Setting `Authentication` = False will disable all Authentication methods

Now you can follow godot's Export to Android docs to create .apk template file.

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