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Manage your car's maintenance and overall health with CarMed. A group effort, this app was built with Bootstrap, SVG graphics, keyframe animations, Google maps + youtube APIs.
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Car Med- A car maintenance and overall car health management dashboard

We are making a car health app with maintenance notifications

Users create and account and login and input their make, model, and mileage

Then a dashboard is loaded with their various car health such as time since last oil change, tire rotation, transmission fluid

Everytime a user logs into the app, they are asked what their car mileage is and the dashboard is updated

When it is time for an oil change, a user is texted using twileo that they need to get an oil change completed

When the user clicks the notification they are brought into the platform and given two buttons: "Do Myself" and "Have it done"

If the user clicks "Do Myself" then they are given articles and videos via WikiHow API and Youtube API on how to complete the task

If the user clicks "Have it Done" the Google Maps API is called for the top rated car shops in the area and can text you the address


DATABASE -- Firebase

API's -- Google maps -- Youtube

FRONT-END -- Bootstrap -- Modal windows -- SVG Graphics -- Keyframe Animations

IMPLEMENTED CONCEPTS -- User input validation -- AJAX -- Local session data storage and retrieval -- Responsive design


  • User login system with database
  • Other maintanence items such as tire rotation, brake replacements, etc.


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