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A SIRI-like bot built in Node.js using axios, inquirer, and native node methods
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LIRI bot (Language Interpretation and Recognition Interface)

LIRI bot is a language-detecting, semi-intelligent CLI application for satisfying your entertainment needs. Simply run node liri.js and answer the prompts.

The first option searches the Spotify database for information about the song you input; the second option searches the OMDB for information about a movie; the third option searches the Bands in Town API for upcoming events for whatever band you pass into it; and the fourth and final option does whatever you tell it to do in the random.txt file.

You must use one of the following commands in the random.txt file:

  1. movie-this
  2. spotify-this-song
  3. concert-this Each command runs one of the options above. Be sure to comma-separate the song, movie, or band. Examples: movie-this, the dark knight, spotify-this-song, hey ya, concert-this, deerhunter

Required NPM Packages

  1. Axios
  2. Dotenv
  3. Inquirer
  4. Moment
  5. Node-spotify-api

Required API Keys or App ID's

  1. Spotify API
  2. Bands in Town API

Setting up API keys using dotenv

Create a file named .env, add the following to it, replacing the values with your API keys (no quotes) once you have them:

# Spotify API keys


Make a JavaScript file named keys.js.

  • Inside keys.js your file will look like this:
console.log('this is loaded');

exports.spotify = {
  id: process.env.SPOTIFY_ID,
  secret: process.env.SPOTIFY_SECRET

To import your keys, call

const keys = require("./keys");

at the top of your liri.js file.

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