A simple jquery plugin for manage a wishlist with cookies and without registration needed.
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Sorry for my bad English :: FrogMouth


A simple jquery plugin for manage a wishlist with cookies and without registration needed.

Current Version: 1.3.2

This script is in beta test, in some browser with some devices you may occur some issues. Please open a issue in my GIT project if you found some.


Wishlist needs some library for works 100%, in the future, we want to creating a light versione without these libs, but today for boost developing plug-in we need it.

What can we do?

With Wishlist you can create a simple bar or button (or what you like) who save page's information into a cookie for create a simple wishlist (or reminder, or cart, ...). To do that we use localStorage or cookie (if localstorage is disabled). It's an alternative to the registration, a simple way to do a complex thing.

Backbone, why? Because it allows me to have some very useful tools for the development. Collections and models of Backbone allow to manipulate the information with smart and powerfull tools, like: filtering, ordering, ecc... and in the future it allows the possibility to integrate with a server side app.

It's a jQuery plugin only because it's friendly for more developer, rather that Backbone only, but in the future maybe we will use jQuery only for the View.

Done and To do list:


  • NEW 1.3 version (deep rebuild)
  • Implement localStorage as an alternative of COOKIE (using cookie only for send items id to backend)
  • a NEW Working example
  • wishlist bar
  • wishlist item


  • Continue to Developed the Core Script
  • Exploit the possibilities of Backbone
  • Develop client management wisthlist (like item order, item prop, ecc...)
  • Crossbrowser bug fix (> IE8)
  • Dev other some RedyToUse exaples with graphics (CSS/HTML - button and bar)
  • Use some customs methods instead jquery Cookie to work with Cookie

Remote Dev

  • Integrate the ability to communicate with a server ( REST ) via Backbone

Quick start:

Calls inside document ready $.Wishlist(ID) where ID is a unique string that represents the ID of your wishlist, in every page the ID must be the same to get the wishlist item.

	window.MYwishlist = $.Wishlist("wishlist");

MYwishlist.data is the Backbone collection of your wished ITEM.