This is a production ready Django/Wagtail cookiecutter boilerplate with built in support for docker, deployments (with ansible), Reactjs, pytest and S3
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This is a cookiecutter Django/Wagtail boilerplate that covers best practices and a docker configuration. Inspiration from Cookiecutter Django.


  • Django 2.1
  • Wagtail 2.3
  • Docker and Docker-compose support
  • 12-Factor based
  • React templates with built in SSR
  • Settings primed for production
  • Optional file storage through AWS S3
  • Third part integrations:
  • Tests using pytest-django
  • Deploy scripts using ansistrano
  • Orchestration using ansible
  • Scripts for syncing data from remote to local machine
  • ...and for syncing prod => stage


This repo includes a generated project, you can find it here


  1. Install cookiecutter, there are several options:

    • pip install cookiecutter
    • brew install cookiecutter
  2. Generate project:

  1. Insert your custom vars:
project_name [Client-Project]: Example-Project
project_slug [example_project]:
author_name [You]:
email []:
description [A short description of the project.]: Example description.
domain_prod []:
domain_stage []:
ssh_prod [user@prod-server]:
ssh_stage [user@stage-server]:
db_name_prod [prod_db]:
db_name_stage [stage_db]:
s3_bucket_prod []:
s3_bucket_stage []:
docker_web_port [8081]:
docker_db_port [5433]:
aws_devops_iam_username [client_devops]:
version [0.1.0]: 1.0.0
Select software_license:
1 - MIT
2 - proprietary
Choose from 1, 2 [1]: 1
  1. Done! You now have a ready django project.


This boilerplate uses semantic versioning.


Want to contribute? Awesome. Just send a pull request.


Fröjd Django Boilerplate is released under the MIT License.