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Borderlands 3 Save Editor

A desktop based save and profile editor for Borderlands 3.

Installation / Usage

  1. Download the exe/zip for your respective OS/setup available on the Releases tab.
    • Which one do I download? If you don't know which one to download, you probably will want to download BL3SaveEditor-Portable.ziphere. This is a self-contained windows binary. If that one doesn't launch for you, try downloading BL3SaveEditor.ziphere.
  2. Then you download / run the exe
  3. Click Open, then you can select either a profile (profile.sav) or a game save ([NUMBERS].sav).
  4. You can now edit your profile or game save to your hearts content!
  5. Once you think you're done editing your saves, you can save your file with either the Save button (which will overwrite your loaded file), or use the Save As button, allowing you to save to a new file. In either case, it will make backups to help keep your saves protected!



If you for some reason want to support me financially for this project (or others I make), you can donate to me via ko-fi or Patreon.

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