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Weladee - Odoo

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Weladee logoodoo

What is Weladee?

Weladee is a service "In The Cloud" to manage employee attendance. It's developed to be simple, fast and cheap to use for any small company (or even big ones). The primary market of this service is Thailand for now (2018), we started to deploy customers in Cambodia too.

Take a look at

Why using Weladee?

Because employee lateness and absenteeism cost a lot of money to your company. Weladee provides a very easy way to reduce it.

See how much lateness costs you with our simulation page:


Odoo module for Weladee

This Odoo module create the link between Weladee and your Odoo 12.0 instance.

You will be able to synchronize departments, employees and attendance.



gRPC is used to communicate with weladee server. The http2 protocol and stream push between client and server offer excellent performances. The communication between Odoo & Weladee is encrypted with SSL3 and TLS 1.3 certificate.

Sample calls:

# Don't forget to update the image in if you do any change in this file


title Weladee/Odoo Sequence Diagram - Samples Cases\n

note right Odoo
    All communication is encrypted
    by modern TLS 3 certificate.
end note
Odoo -> Weladee: Request list of employees
alt failure
    note right Odoo
        For each call you provide api-key in meta
        API key is private and unique per company
        You can get it when you register to  **Weladee**
    end note
    Weladee -> Odoo: Authentication failed
    note right Weladee #FFAAAA
        The key is incorrect
        No data is sent from **Weladee**
    end note
    note right Odoo #FFAAAA
        Got an authentification error
        Need to check the api key
    end note
alt successfull
    Weladee --> Odoo: Return each employee in a stream
    note right Odoo
        **Odoo** can take action as soon the 1st stream is received.
        Streaming with http2 is a very big advantage,
        it reduces a lot latency between client and server
    end note
    Odoo -> Weladee: Add a holiday
    Odoo <- Weladee: Returns the holiday id for weladee

2021 Frontware International ...
end footer



To connect your Odoo instance to weladee server you need an api key. The api key is available when you create an account at

Weladee is free to subscribe with 3 months trial period or even 100% free for company with less than 5 employees.

Sample Code for gRPC API

It's ready for Odoo 12. gRPC code is compatible python 2 & 3.

Connect to server

    import grpc
    import . from weladee_pb2
    import . from weladee_pb2_grpc

    # Weladee grpc server address is
    address = ""

    # Define a secure channel with embedded public certificate

    creds = grpc.ssl_channel_credentials(certificate)
    channel = grpc.secure_channel(address, creds)

Provide api-key and get some data

This code retrieve the list of departments and add a holiday to Weladee.

    # Connect from Odoo
    # Place here the token specific to each company. It's called api_key in table company

    authorization = [("authorization", "bc7f3c00-bfa4-4ac2-810b-a11dca5ec48e")]

    stub = weladee_pb2_grpc.OdooStub(channel)

    # List all departments
    for dept in stub.GetDepartments(myrequest, metadata=authorization):

    # Add new holiday
    newHoliday = weladee_pb2.HolidayOdoo() = 20170918
    newHoliday.Holiday.name_english = "Company holiday"
    newHoliday.odoo.odoo_id = 9
        result = stub.AddHoliday(newHoliday, metadata=authorization)

        print (
    except Exception as e:
        print("Add holiday failed",e)

Get all logs from Weladee not yet sync with Odoo

Simple code parsing a stream of log events that need to be synchronized with Odoo.

    # List of attendance to sync
    print("Attendance to sync")
    for att in stub.GetNewAttendance(weladee_pb2.Empty(), metadata=authorization):


(c) 2021 Frontware International Co,Ltd.


Odoo addon for Weladee frontware





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