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Welcome to the jedto wiki!

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Jedto (JavaEasyDTO) is lightweight library for mapping Java objects to/from their DTO (DataTransferObject). It provides methods to transfrom mapped objects. Based on CGLIB's fast methods, but direct property access also supported.


Data transfer object (DTO), formerly known as value objects or VO, is a design pattern used to transfer data between software application subsystems. DTOs are often used in conjunction with data access objects to retrieve data from a database.


  • Intuitive, lightweight, high-perfomance;
  • There are no XML files, Annotations describes configuration;
  • Supported custom transformers for objects;
  • Works great with DI frameworks, such as Guice, Spring, etc;
  • GWT supports it if your dto's supported by GWT;
  • Cyclic references supported.


  • Add support of collections and maps;
  • Add a lot of tests to cover behavior and performance;
  • Some performance optimizations like profiling and bottlenecks searching.
  • Add filter to auto convert Java objects (for example, for GWT server-client communication).
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