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Commits on Oct 1, 2012
  1. @pTalanov

    Add checks that test that there are no redundant toString calls for n…

    pTalanov authored
    …umbers and strings in string templates
  2. @pTalanov
  3. @pTalanov
  4. @pTalanov

    Remove references to javascript annotations from java stdlib

    pTalanov authored
    Fix annoying bad annotation in repository
  5. @pTalanov
  6. @pTalanov

    Modify test for KT-1515 to actually test using javaClass in another p…

    pTalanov authored
    …ackage as stated in the request.
    NOTE: not 100% that this test actually covers the corresponding fix by Alex Tkachman.
Commits on Sep 28, 2012
  1. @abreslav

    @NotNull for Pattern.compile

    abreslav authored
  2. @abreslav
  3. @abreslav
  4. @abreslav
  5. @abreslav

    Escape < and > in annotations

    abreslav authored
  6. @abreslav
Commits on Sep 27, 2012
  1. @goodwinnk
  2. @goodwinnk
  3. @goodwinnk
  4. @goodwinnk
  5. @goodwinnk
  6. @geevee
  7. @geevee


    geevee authored
  8. @geevee

    Private constructors.

    geevee authored
  9. @geevee
  10. @geevee
  11. @geevee

    Added @NotNull annotations.

    geevee authored
  12. @geevee
  13. @geevee
  14. @geevee

    Added test checking that all IDEA's @NotNull external annotations for…

    geevee authored
    … JDK are reflected in Kotlin's annotations.
     #KT-2778 fixed
  15. @geevee
  16. @geevee

    Added test checking that external annotations for JDK don't contain e…

    geevee authored
     #KT-2778 in progress
  17. @geevee
  18. @geevee

    Removed invalid external annotation for non-existing java.util.Iterab…

    geevee authored
    …le class. Annotation for java.lang.Iterable seems to be unnecessary, too, because it is mapped to jet.Iterable.
  19. @geevee

    KT-2666 Remove workaround for CME in IDEA code after updating to IDEA…

    geevee authored
    … 122.260+
     #KT-2666 fixed
  20. @udalov
  21. @udalov

    Do not wrap built-in function in JetLightClass (EA-38770)

    udalov authored
    Built-in top-level functions are located in jet.namespace class.
    JetStandardClasses.isStandardClass() now checks that a given fqName starts with
    "jet.", instead of searching it in the standard scope, to prevent this kind of
    errors in the future
  22. @udalov
  23. @abreslav
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