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Tracer API

Tracer provides a small interface that you can use in your application. It consist from Query class which is able to ask Tracer for various informations and provide you a results. And from data structues from which results consists.

Surely you could access internal classes and methods on your own, but there is a risk that they will change in the future. In API could be a little changes too, but they will be documented


.. autoclass:: tracer.Query


Tracer also provides API for user-defined hooks. They can be defined as a simple functions decorated by @hooks.match("app_name"). Tracer will search for them in directories ~/.config/tracer/hooks/ and /etc/tracer/hooks/. Such hook will be called when tracer determines, that linked application needs restarting.

.. autofunction:: tracer.hooks.match


If you want to run tracer's hooks and print no other output, use tracer --hooks-only

Exit codes

In some use-cases you may want to examine Tracer's results through exit codes (also known as status codes). See their meanings:

1-99 Error exit codes
0 No affected applications
101 Found some affected applications
102 Found some affected daemons
103 Session restart needed
104 Reboot needed

Data structures

Follows list of classes which quering results may consist from. Not all their properties are covered within API. If your use case requires some which are not listed below, please let me know to cover them in API too.


.. autoclass:: tracer.Package


.. autoclass:: tracer.Application
   :exclude-members: processes_factory helper

.. autoclass:: tracer.Process
   :exclude-members: str_started_ago