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Freezes a Flask application into a set of static files. The result can be hosted without any server-side software other than a traditional web server.

See documentation:


  • Fork the upstream repository and clone your fork
  • Create a feature branch for the thing you want to work on
  • Create a virtual environment and activate it
  • Run pip install -e .[doc,test,check] to install dependencies
  • Add your changes
  • Make sure tests pass with pytest
  • Make sure you followed the style guide with flake8 and isort
  • Send a pull request to the upstream repository

You can also use Hatch to automatically install dependencies, launch tests, check style and build documentation:

$ hatch run test:run
$ hatch run check:run
$ hatch run doc:build


This project is currently maintained by CourtBouillon.

It’s been previously maintained by @honzajavorek and @tswast, and has been originally created by @SimonSapin.


Frozen-Flask uses a BSD 3-clause license. See LICENSE.

Copyrights are retained by their contributors, no copyright assignment is required to contribute to Frozen-Flask. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion is licensed under the BSD 3-clause license, without any additional terms or conditions. For full authorship information, see the version control history.