Sample app & blog post for MongoLab / Meteor integration
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Sample app & blog post for MongoLab / Meteor integration

This is a simple lead form / CRM for a website. There will be two views:

  • Entry view - similar to the lead form on
  • Admin view - tablular view of leads

Views will utilize Meteor to update live, in realtime. Backend will be MongoLab.


You need to have meteor installed:

curl | sh

Now run the app from the app directory:

cd app; meteor

You should be able to access the app at http://localhost:3000/

$ meteor
[[[[[ ~/projects/node/mongolab-meteor-leadcapture-app/app ]]]]]

=> Meteor server running on: http://localhost:3000/


To deploy this so it can run with MongoLab, you need to generate the "bundle":

meteor bundle sample.tar.gz

This generates a tarball named sample.tar.gz which is essentially the meteor app compiled to Node.JS.

This can then be run just like a normal Node.JS app (npm install fibers && node main.js). A MongoLab database can be used by creating a database at and setting the environment variable MONGO_URL to the MongoDB URI provided by MongoLab. Sandbox plans that give you .5GB of storage are free.

Blog Post

A blog post with a detailed walkthrough of the app is at the MongoLab blog