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a plugin for py.test that changes the default look and feel of py.test (e.g. progressbar, show tests that fail instantly)
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pytest-sugar is used.
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pytest-sugar is a plugin for py.test that shows failures and errors instantly and shows a progress bar.


You will need the following prerequisites in order to use pytest-sugar:

  • Python 2.7, 3.4 or newer
  • pytest 2.9.0 or newer
  • pytest-xdist 1.14 or above if you want the progress bar to work while running tests in parallel


To install pytest-sugar:

$ pip install pytest-sugar

Then run your tests with:

$ py.test

If you would like more detailed output (one test per line), then you may use the verbose option:

$ py.test --verbose

If you would like to run tests without pytest-sugar, use:

$ py.test -p no:sugar

Running on Windows

If you are seeing gibberish, you might want to try changing charset and fonts. See this comment for more details.

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