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;;; org-bom.el --- Collect components across the entire org buffer
; Copyright 2011 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
; Filename: org-bom.el
; Version: 0.4
; Author: Christian Fortin <>
; Keywords: org, bill-of-materials, collection, tables
; Description: Create a bill-of-materials (bom) of the entire org buffer
; This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
; (at your option) any later version.
; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY without even the implied warranty of
; GNU General Public License for more details.
; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
; along with this program. If not, see <>.
; The program begins here
;;; Code:
(require 'cl)
(require 'org)
(require 'org-table)
(require 'gnus-util)
;========== Global variable section ==========
(defvar org-bom-database nil
"Global variable used to build a database of the components used, as
well as their section, tags and quantity.")
(defvar org-bom-details nil
"Need to be given by the user. A suggested use is to bind it to
a local user's database. Should be a plist with at least \":name\" and
\":description\". It should also contain \":datasheetPdf\" in order
to use the bom-datasheet dynamic block.")
(defvar org-bom-update-enable t
"Scan the buffer and update the BOM when a dynamic block is
refreshed. Should be set to nil for a buffer-wide dynamic block,
such as with `org-update-all-dblocks'. However, be sure to update
manually with `org-bom-total' in this case.")
(defcustom org-bom-latex-mode nil
"If activated, every component's name will be replaced by a
reference to the datasheet and comments might be activated if
necessary (large number of tags). See `org-bom-latex-max-tags'.
:type 'boolean
:group 'org-bom)
(defcustom org-bom-latex-max-tags 10
"Define the maximum number before the tags start being hidden in a
PDF comment. Set to nil to disable."
:type 'integer
:group 'org-bom)
(defcustom org-bom-latex-datasheetPath ""
"Default path to your datasheet."
:type 'string
:group 'org-bom)
;========== Database section ==========
(defun org-bom-add-component (comp)
(push comp org-bom-database))
(defstruct component name section quantity tag)
(defun org-bom-select-in-db (database selector-fn value &optional remove part-match)
"Return every entry in the database which has the corresponding
value for a given selector. Can be the DATABASE's argument of
itself in case of multiple SELECTOR-FN. The SELECTOR-FN must be
the quoted function, such as 'component-name. If REMOVE is
non-nil, every entry with a match will be discarded rather than
keeped. If PART-MATCH is non-nil, `string-match' function is used
instead of `gnus-string-equal'."
(when (atom value)
(setf value (list value)))
(let ((temp-results database)
(results nil))
(dolist (current-value value)
(setf temp-results
(funcall (if remove 'remove-if 'remove-if-not)
#'(lambda (component)
(let ((current-component (funcall selector-fn component)))
(if (numberp current-component);if it's a component quantity
(equal current-component current-value)
(if part-match (string-match current-value current-component)
(gnus-string-equal current-component current-value)))))
(if remove temp-results database)))
(unless remove (setf results (append results temp-results)))); cumulate the results
(when remove (setf results temp-results))
(org-bom-sort results)))
(defun org-bom-check-and-push-to-db (name section quantity tag)
"Check if the combo name-section is already in the database. If it
is, add the quantity and the tag, otherwise create a new entry."
(let ((exists-flag nil))
(dolist (temp-car-db org-bom-database) ;For every item in the database...
(when (and (gnus-string-equal (component-name temp-car-db)
(gnus-string-equal (component-section temp-car-db)
(setf (component-quantity temp-car-db)
(+ (component-quantity temp-car-db) quantity)) ; if the combo name-section exists, simply add the quantity
(setf (component-tag temp-car-db)
(append tag (component-tag temp-car-db)))
(setf exists-flag t))) ; set the exist flag t
(if (not exists-flag) (org-bom-add-component (make-component :name name ; if it's a new component (in the section), then add it in the database
:section section
:quantity quantity
:tag tag)))))
;========== End of database section ==========
(defun org-bom-total (&optional section-override)
"Go to every tables in the buffer and get info from them."
(setq org-bom-database nil) ; Reset the database before each new buffer-wide scan
(org-bom-prepare-linedata-for-database section-override) ;scan for line items
(org-table-map-tables (lambda () (org-bom-prepare-tabledata-for-database
section-override)) t)
(setq org-bom-database
(org-bom-sort org-bom-database))))
(message "org-bom-total"))
(defun org-bom-sort (database)
"Return the DATABASE sorted alphabetically by component name"
(sort database ;sort in alphabetical order
(lambda (arg1 arg2)
(gnus-string< (component-name arg1)
(component-name arg2)))))
(defun org-bom-get-keyword-column-numbers ()
"Return a list of plists composed of \"components\", \"qty\",
\"tag\" and \"section\" column numbers."
(let ((column-names org-table-column-names)
(push-the-list '(push (list :name component-col
:qty qty-col
:tag tag-col
:section section-col) results)))
(while column-names
(let* ((temp-name (pop column-names))
(name (car temp-name))
(ncolumn (string-to-number (cdr (last temp-name)))))
(when (string-match "section" name)
(setq new-section-col ncolumn))
(when (string-match "component" name)
(when component-col ;test if it's the first component column
(eval push-the-list));when new component, we know there's no further tag or qty
(setq qty-col nil tag-col nil);set them all to nil
(setq component-col ncolumn)
(setq section-col (or new-section-col section-col))
(setq new-section-col nil))
(when (string-match "qty" name)
(push ncolumn qty-col))
(when (string-match "tag" name)
(push ncolumn tag-col))))
(eval push-the-list)
(defun org-bom-after-header-line ()
"Go to and return the position of the first non-header line."
(let ((beg (org-table-begin))
(end (org-table-end)))
(goto-char beg)
(if (and (re-search-forward org-table-dataline-regexp end t)
(re-search-forward org-table-hline-regexp end t)
(re-search-forward org-table-dataline-regexp end t))
(match-beginning 0))))
(defun org-bom-transfer ()
"Scan the buffer for an org-mode comment \"#+BOM-XFER:\".
Everything before the
considered to be the component's name, except the last
whitespaces. The only required key is the :TO-SECTION. It
specifies in which section the component must be sent.
Unless :FROM-SECTION is provided, the section from which to
transfer the components will be following the same rule as
`org-bom-prepare-tabledata-for-database'. A :PART-MATCH argument
can be provided and follows the same rule as
`org-bom-select-in-db' for the section selection. To disregard
the :FROM-SECTION altogether and simply take every instance of a
component in the entire database, provide :EVERYTHING non-nil."
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (re-search-forward "^[ \t]*#\\+BOM-XFER:[ \t]+\\([^:\n]+\\)\\(.*\\)?" nil t)
(let* ((name (org-no-properties (match-string 1)))
(params (read (concat "(" (match-string 2) ")")))
(from-section (or (plist-get params :from-section) (org-bom-check-possible-section)))
(to-section (plist-get params :to-section))
(everything (plist-get params :everything))
(part-match (plist-get params :part-match)))
(setq name (org-trim name))
(let ((temp-database (org-bom-select-in-db org-bom-database 'component-name name)))
(unless everything
(setq temp-database (org-bom-select-in-db temp-database
(dolist (current-component temp-database)
(setf (component-section current-component) to-section)))))))
(defun org-bom-prepare-linedata-for-database (&optional section-override)
"Scan the buffer and add line-components to database. Search
for an org-mode comment \"#+BOM:\". Everything before the
keys (:section, :qty, :tag) is considered to be the component's
name, except the last whitespaces. The \"section\" priority is in
this order: Given with the :section key, in a :SECTION: property,
or the org heading."
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (re-search-forward "^[ \t]*#\\+BOM:[ \t]+\\([^:\n]+\\)\\(.*\\)?" nil t)
(let* ((name (org-no-properties (match-string 1)))
(params (read (concat "(" (match-string 2) ")")))
(quantity (or (plist-get params :qty) 1))
(section-given (plist-get params :section))
(tag (plist-get params :tag)))
(setq name (org-trim name))
(when section-given
(unless (stringp section-given)
(setq section-given (symbol-name section-given))))
(when tag
(unless (stringp tag)
(if (numberp tag)
(setq tag (number-to-string tag))
(setq tag (symbol-name tag)))))
(or section-override
(list (list tag))))));double `list' because there's a list per tag and a list per item
(defun org-bom-check-possible-section ()
"Return a possible section from properties or heading"
(let ((section-property (org-entry-get nil "SECTION" 'selective)))
(when section-property
(if (string= "" section-property)
(setq section-property nil))) ;; set to nil if empty string
(or section-property
(if (org-before-first-heading-p)
"" ; If we are before the first heading, default to "".
(substring-no-properties (org-get-heading t t))))))
(defun org-bom-prepare-tabledata-for-database (&optional section-override)
"Scan in the current table for any column named as \"Component\". If
a name in the \"Component\" column starts with the '-' character, it
will be escaped. Optional info \"section\" must be somewhere before
the components' column. If no section is given, then will check for
a :SECTION: property. If none is found, the heading will be taken
as a section. A section-override will asign every single component
to this section. Optional info \"Qty\" and \"Tag\" should be a
column somewhere after the components column, as many times as
needed. To add another components column, simply add another
\"Component\". Note that if a \"Qty\" column is present, it will
default to 0 if the field is empty. This gives the possibility to
have many quantity columns without the need to enter 0 multiple
(unless (org-at-table-p) (error "Not at a table"))
(forward-line -1) ;Don't go on the first dataline yet
(let ((end (org-table-end))
(beg (org-table-begin))
(dline org-table-dataline-regexp)
(possible-section (org-bom-check-possible-section)))
(while (re-search-forward dline end t)
(dolist (current-comp (org-bom-get-keyword-column-numbers))
(when (plist-get current-comp :name) ;test if there's a component column
(org-bom-comp-get-name (plist-get current-comp :name))
(or section-override
(org-bom-comp-get-section (plist-get current-comp :section)
(org-bom-comp-get-qty (plist-get current-comp :qty))
(org-bom-comp-get-tag (plist-get current-comp :tag))))))))
(defun org-bom-check-for-details-table ()
"Scans the buffer to find \"#+TBLNAME: bom-details and add the data
in `org-bom-details'. Please use the form
(let ((org-bom-details (copy-tree org-bom-details))) before calling this
command, otherwise `org-bom-details' will be overwritten."
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (re-search-forward "#\\+TBLNAME: bom-details" nil t)
(when (org-at-table-p)
(defun org-bom-add-details-from-table ()
"Scans the table for a special row (\"!\"), looking for \"name\"
\"description\", \"price\", and \"datasheetPdf\". Adds the data to
`org-bom-details' Warning, case-sensitive!."
(org-table-get-specials) ;needed to refresh org-table-column-names
(let ((column-names (nreverse org-table-column-names))
(end (org-table-end))
(dline org-table-dataline-regexp)
(propertize '(lambda (arg) (read (concat ":" (car arg))))))
(when (assoc "name" column-names);if there isn't a component name, do nothing
(org-bom-after-header-line) (forward-line -1)
(while (re-search-forward dline end t)
(let ((temp-plist '()))
(dolist (current-column column-names)
(let ((property-value (org-bom-get-table-field
(string-to-number (cdr current-column)))))
(when (> (length property-value) 0)
(push property-value temp-plist)
(push (funcall propertize current-column)
(org-bom-add-or-replace-in-details temp-plist))))))
(defun org-bom-add-or-replace-in-details (plist)
"Add or replace the plist in `org-bom-details', depending on
whether it already exists."
(let ((component-details
(org-bom-get-current-component (plist-get plist :name))))
(if component-details ;if the component already exists
(let ((name-position (position ':name plist)))
(delete ;remove the name property
(nth name-position plist)
(delete ;remove the :name keyword
(nth name-position plist) plist))
(while plist
(plist-put component-details (pop plist) (pop plist))))
(push plist org-bom-details))))
(defun org-bom-comp-get-tag (&optional column-number)
"Retrieve the component-tag in the same row and apply some filter
(let (temp-tag
(dolist (col column-number)
(setq temp-tag (org-bom-get-table-field (org-table-goto-column col)))
(when (> (length temp-tag) 0) (pushnew temp-tag tag)))
(setq tag (org-bom-split-mix-tag tag)))) ; tags written as "foo-1, foo, bar," will be separated
(defun org-bom-comp-get-qty (&optional column-number)
"Retrieve the component-qty in the same row and apply some filter
functions. If column-number is nil, default to 1."
(let ((qty 0))
(dolist (col column-number)
(setq qty (+ qty (max 0 (string-to-number
(org-table-goto-column col)))))))
(if column-number qty 1)))
(defun org-bom-comp-get-name (column-number)
"Retrieve the component-name in the same row and apply some filter
functions. (Remove footnotes, make \"-\" an escape character)"
(let ((comp-name
(replace-regexp-in-string "\\[fn.*\\]" "" ;Remove any footnotes [fn*]
(org-table-goto-column column-number)))))
(if (string= "-" (if (> (length comp-name) 0)
(substring comp-name 0 1) ""))
(setf comp-name "")) ;if the special character '-' is present, replace by an empty string
(defun org-bom-comp-get-section (&optional column-number possible-section)
"Retrieve the component-section at COLUMN-NUMBER in the same row,
(or (when column-number
(let ((field (org-bom-get-table-field
(org-table-goto-column column-number))))
(if (string= "" field) nil field)))
(defun org-bom-get-table-field (&optional N REPLACE)
"Same as `org-table-get-field', but with some string cleaning."
(org-trim (substring-no-properties (org-table-get-field N))))
(defun org-bom-split-mix-tag (tag &optional separator)
"Separate the tags and mix them. For example: '(\"foo, bar, foo\" \"do, ré, mi\")
would give '(\"foo\" \"do\") '(\"bar\" \"\") '(\"foo\" \"mi\") with the '\", \" separator."
(let ((temp-tags tag) (new-tags nil))
(dolist (single-string-tags temp-tags) ;separate the tags into single string
(push (org-split-string single-string-tags (or separator ", ")) new-tags))
(org-bom-mix-alternate new-tags)))
(defun org-bom-mix-alternate (list)
"Create new lists composed alternatively of an element of each list"
(let ((temp-list nil))
(push (remove nil (mapcar 'car list)) temp-list) ;the first item is composed of the first element of each list
(when (remove nil (mapcar 'cdr list)) ;while everything is not nil
(setf temp-list (append temp-list (org-bom-mix-alternate (mapcar 'cdr list)))))
(defun org-bom-list-to-tsv-file (list &optional filename column)
"Export a list in a tsv file"
(with-temp-file (or filename "list-export.txt")
(let ((n-col (or column 1)))
(dolist (single-item list)
(if (> n-col 0)
(progn (setf n-col (1- n-col))
(insert single-item)
(if (> n-col 1)
(setf n-col (1- (or column 1)))
(insert single-item)
(if (> n-col 0)
(defun org-bom-get-all (database selector-fn)
"Return every different instance of a certain type in a single list. For
example, (org-bom-get-all org-bom-database 'component-tag) will return every
tag in the database. Empty strings are removed."
(let ((collector nil))
(dolist (current-component database)
(let ((current-item (funcall selector-fn current-component)))
(push current-item collector)))
(delete-dups (remove "" collector))))
(defun org-bom-listify (list-with-lists)
"Return everything contained in the argument (lists within lists) as
a plain list"
(let ((new-list nil))
(if (listp list-with-lists)
(progn (dolist (temp-item list-with-lists) ;for each item
(if (atom temp-item)
(pushnew temp-item new-list) ;if it's an atom, add it to the list
(setf new-list (append new-list (org-bom-listify temp-item))))) ;otherwise listify it
(remove nil new-list)) ; remove any remaining 'nil' from the list
(list list-with-lists))))
(defun org-bom-tag-to-list (&optional section-name remove part-match)
"Return a list of all the tags in the section, those from the same
component in the same string. See `org-bom-select-in-db' for more details."
(let ((results nil)
(items (org-bom-get-all (if section-name
(org-bom-select-in-db org-bom-database
org-bom-database) 'component-tag)))
(dolist (current-item items)
(dolist (current-tags current-item)
(push (funcall '(lambda (x) (org-bom-concat-list (nreverse x) " ")) current-tags) results)))
(sort (remove "" results) 'string<)))
(defun org-bom-tag-remove-to-list (section-name)
"Return a list of all the tags NOT in the section. In case of
multiple sections, add a \"+\" between."
(setf section-name (org-split-string section-name "+")) ; convert the section-name in a list of string, so the user don't have to enter it as one
(let ((list nil)
(temp-tag nil)
(component-db org-bom-database))
(dolist (current-section-name section-name); For every section-name
(setf component-db (org-bom-select-in-db
'part-match))) ;remove any partly matching section-name
(dolist (current-component component-db) ;; Put every tag in a list
(dolist (single-component-tags (component-tag current-component))
(push (org-bom-concat-list (org-bom-listify single-component-tags) " ") list)))
(setf list (remove "" (sort list 'string<)))))
(defun org-bom-concat-list (list &optional separator)
"Concatenate in a single string every string in the list with an
optional separator, such as \" \"."
(concat (car list) (unless (atom (cdr list))
(concat separator (org-bom-concat-list (cdr list) separator)))))
(defun org-dblock-write:bom (params)
"Insert a table with every component gathered in the buffer.
See `org-bom-insert-table' for more details."
(let ((org-bom-details (copy-tree org-bom-details)))
(when org-bom-update-enable
(org-bom-total); Scan the buffer and refresh the bill of materials
(org-bom-insert-table params)
(message "Bill of materials created")))
(defun org-bom-stringify (&optional argument)
"If ARGUMENT is string, return unchanged. If it's a symbol,
return the symbol-name. If nil, return nil"
(if (null argument)
(cond ((not (stringp argument)) (symbol-name argument))
((not (null argument)) argument))))
(defun org-bom-insert-table (params)
"Insert a table with every component gathered in the buffer.
Set \":local-only\" to get components marked with the current heading
as their \"section\". Components with given section (either in a table
or a property) will NOT appear.
Set \":section\" to get a specified section only. Note that if a
section is given to a component, it won't appear in a local-only
table. In addition, set \"part-match\" to get partly matching
sections. In addition, a + sign will add an additionnal section. For
example: \":section A+B\" will retrieve section A and section B.
Set \":remove\" to remove the specified section and keep everything
Set \":total\" to merge every section together and obtain a grand
Set \":no-tag\" to remove the tags column.
Set \":description\" to insert a description column. You must have a
PLIST with \":name\" and \":description\" in it. The function will
search for a matching component's name and get its description. Copy
your property list to the variable `org-bom-details'.
Set \":org-bom-latex-max-tags\" to hide every remaining tags in a
pdf comment (need org-bom-latex-mode activated)
Set \":price\" to insert a price column. You must have a
PLIST with \":name\" and \":price\" in it. The function will
search for a matching component's name and get its price. Copy
your property list to the variable `org-bom-details'.
The columns' name can be set with :col-name-tag, :col-name-component,
:col-name-section, :col-name-quantity, col-name-price and
See `org-bom-prepare-tabledata-for-database' for more information."
(unless (if (and (plist-get params :local-only) (plist-get params :section))
(error "Specify a section OR local-only, not both"))
;; Check options given by the user
(let ((heading-list '())
(table-list '())
(local-only (plist-get params :local-only))
(org-bom-stringify (plist-get params :section)))
(grand-total (plist-get params :total))
(or (org-bom-stringify (plist-get params :col-name-section))
(or (org-bom-stringify (plist-get params :col-name-price))
(or (org-bom-stringify (plist-get params :col-name-quantity))
(or (org-bom-stringify (plist-get params :col-name-tag))
(or (org-bom-stringify (plist-get params :col-name-component))
(or (org-bom-stringify (plist-get params :col-name-description))
(not (or (plist-get params :total)
(plist-get params :local-only)
(plist-get params :section)))) ; No use to put a section column if it's given local or given by the user
(if (plist-get params :description) t nil)) ; Activate if the user want to use it
(if (plist-get params :price) t nil)) ; Activate if the user want to use it
(if (plist-get params :no-tag) nil t)) ; Default ON, must be turned off by the user
(insert-col-component t) ; Always true, for now
(if (plist-get params :no-quantity) nil t))
(if (plist-get params :remove) t nil)) ; indicate if we should remove rather than keep
(if (plist-get params :part-match) t nil)); If 't', a string-match will be used to select the section
(current-heading (if (org-before-first-heading-p)
(format "") ; If we are before the first heading, then simply default to "".
(org-get-heading t t))))
;; End of user options
;; select what is needed in the database
(when section-name
(setf section-name (org-split-string section-name "+"))) ; convert the section-name in a list of string, so the user don't have to enter it as one
(let ((temp-section-name)
(temp-db (org-bom-select-in-db
'remove!))) ;Remove any blank names
(when (setf section-name
(or section-name
(if local-only (list current-heading))))
(setf temp-db (org-bom-totalize ;if a section is defined, then keep only the database's relevant part
(org-bom-select-in-db temp-db
(if grand-total (setf temp-db (org-bom-totalize temp-db))) ; fuse all sections and get the total
;; Now construct the orgtbl-lisp
(when insert-col-description
(push col-name-description heading-list))
(when insert-col-price
(push col-name-price heading-list))
(when insert-col-quantity
(push col-name-quantity heading-list))
(when insert-col-component
(push col-name-component heading-list))
(when insert-col-tag
(push col-name-tag heading-list))
(when insert-col-section
(push col-name-section heading-list))
;;add a separator line to the table
(push 'hline table-list)
;;now add the heading to the table
(push heading-list table-list)
;;The body of the table
(setq table-list
(append table-list
(nreverse (org-bom-to-lisp-table
;;if there's a price, add a total line
(when insert-col-price
(setq table-list (nreverse table-list))
(push 'hline table-list)
(push (append '("TOTAL:")
(make-list (1- (length heading-list)) "")) table-list)
(setq table-list (nreverse table-list)))
(insert (orgtbl-to-orgtbl table-list
:remove-newlines t
:tstart nil :tend nil
:hline "|---"
:sep " | "
:lstart "| "
:lend " |")))
(when insert-col-price
(list (cons (concat "@>$"
(number-to-string (1+ (position col-name-price heading-list))))
(defun org-bom-to-lisp-table (database &optional section tag price description quantity)
"Return an orgtbl compliant table from an org-bom DATABASE.
See `org-bom-to-lisp-table-row' for more details."
(let ((table '())) ;an empty list
(dolist (current-component database table)
(push (org-bom-to-lisp-table-row current-component
(defun org-bom-to-lisp-table-row (component &optional section tag price description quantity)
"Return an orgtbl compliant row for a given COMPONENT
from the org-bom-database."
(let ((list '())
(tags (component-tag component))
(name (component-name component))
(quantity-num (component-quantity component)))
(when section
(push (component-section component) list))
(when tag
(push (org-bom-to-lisp-table-tags (component-tag component)) list))
(when component
(push (org-bom-to-lisp-table-name (component-name component)) list))
(when quantity
(push (number-to-string (component-quantity component)) list))
(when price
(let ((current-price
(plist-get (org-bom-get-current-component name) :price)))
(push (if current-price
(number-to-string (* quantity-num
(string-to-number current-price)))
"" )
(when description
(push (or (plist-get
(org-bom-get-current-component name) :description)
"N/A" )
(setq list (nreverse list))
(defun org-bom-to-lisp-table-name (name)
"Check if `org-bom-latex-mode' is non-nil, if the datasheet exists
and add the necessary LaTeX command."
(let ((temp-datasheet
(plist-get (org-bom-get-current-component name) :datasheetPdf)))
(if (and (> (length temp-datasheet) 1) org-bom-latex-mode)
(concat "\\hyperref["temp-datasheet"]{"name"}")
(defun org-bom-to-lisp-table-tags (tags)
"Takes the initial tags list form org-bom-database and
convert it in a single string. If `org-bom-latex-mode' is
non-nil, and if the number of tags is greater than
`org-bom-latex-max-tags', a latex command to add a pdf comment
is inserted."
(let ((temp-tag (sort (delete-dups (org-bom-listify tags)) 'string<))
(single-tag nil)
(max-tags-activated? nil))
(with-temp-buffer ;easier than trying to concat everything
(when (and org-bom-latex-mode
(numberp org-bom-latex-max-tags)
(> (length temp-tag) org-bom-latex-max-tags))
(insert "\\pdfcomment[color=Ivory,subject={Tags},icon=Note,open=true,hoffset=-1cm]{")
(setq max-tags-activated? t))
(while (> (length temp-tag) 0)
(when (stringp (setf single-tag (pop temp-tag)))
(insert single-tag)
(if (> (length temp-tag) 0)
(insert ", "))); Insert a white space between the tags
(when (and org-bom-latex-mode (numberp org-bom-latex-max-tags)
(= (- (length temp-tag) org-bom-latex-max-tags) 0))
(delete-char -2) ;delete the last comma in the PDF comment
(insert "}{")))
(if max-tags-activated? (insert "}..."))
(replace-regexp-in-string "[\\]" "\\\\" (buffer-string)))))
(defun org-bom-totalize (database)
"Will ignore the sections and return a new database with a true
total for each component."
(let ((new-database nil))
(dolist (current-item-old-db database) ;scan the given database
(let ((exists-flag nil)) ; exist flag as nil
(dolist (current-item-new-db new-database) ;scan the 'new' database
(when (gnus-string-equal
(component-name current-item-new-db)
(component-name current-item-old-db)) ;when the same name is found
(setf (component-quantity current-item-new-db)
(+ (component-quantity current-item-new-db)
(component-quantity current-item-old-db))) ;simply add the quantity...
(push (component-tag current-item-old-db)
(component-tag current-item-new-db)) ; add the tags...
(setf exists-flag t))) ; and set the flag as t
(if (not exists-flag) (push (make-component
:name (component-name current-item-old-db) ;otherwise create a new entry with the same component name as the old database
:section "total" ;give a dummy name - should never really be used
:quantity (component-quantity current-item-old-db) ; take the old quantity
:tag (component-tag current-item-old-db)) new-database)))); finally take the old tags
(nreverse new-database)));reverse so it will be in the same order as before
(defun org-bom-get-current-component (name)
"Return the current component from the `org-bom-details' plist."
(car (remove-if-not
#'(lambda (component)
(equal (plist-get component :name) name))
(defun org-bom-get-from-database (database selector value)
"Return every entry in the database which has the corresponding
value for a given selector. Can be the database's argument of itself
in case of multiple selectors"
(setf value (gnus-replace-in-string value "+" "[+]")) ;In a regexp, has a meaning and isn't considered a "string"
'(lambda (comp)
(string-match value (plist-get comp selector))) database))
(defun org-dblock-write:bom-datasheet (params)
"This is used to add used components datasheet (for LaTeX only).
For more details, see `org-bom-insert-datasheet-table'."
(let ((org-bom-details (copy-tree org-bom-details)))
(when org-bom-update-enable
(org-bom-total)); Scan the buffer and refresh the bill of materials
(org-bom-insert-datasheet-table params)))
(defun org-bom-get-datasheet-info (component-name-list)
"Return a plist of the form \"(:name name :datasheetPdf
datasheetPdf :datasheetPath datasheetPath)\", given a
COMPONENT-NAME-LIST. Info is retrieved from `org-bom-details'."
(let ((datasheet-info nil))
(dolist (current-component component-name-list datasheet-info)
(let ((item-info (org-bom-get-current-component current-component)))
(push (list :name current-component
:datasheetPdf (plist-get item-info :datasheetPdf)
:datasheetPath (plist-get item-info :datasheetPath))
(defun org-bom-insert-datasheet-table (params)
"This is used to add used components datasheet (for LaTeX
only). The filename will be taken in the org-bom-details plist,
with the property :datasheetPdf, and the path
with :datasheetPath. Set \":description\" to enable a summary of
components before the datasheets. As for the BOM dynamic block,
the columns names can be changed with \":col-name-component\" and
(let ((all-component-names nil)
(temp-database (org-bom-select-in-db org-bom-database 'component-name "" 'remove))
(col-name-component (plist-get params :col-name-component) )
(col-name-description (plist-get params :col-name-description)))
(when (plist-get params :description)
(org-bom-insert-table (list :total t :no-tag t :no-quantity t :description t
:col-name-component col-name-component
:col-name-description col-name-description)))
(dolist (current-item temp-database)
(add-to-list 'all-component-names (component-name current-item))); Gather every component used
(setf all-component-names (sort all-component-names 'gnus-string<))
(let ((component-info (org-bom-get-datasheet-info all-component-names))
(used-datasheet)); do not include the same datasheet more than once.
(dolist (current-component-info (nreverse component-info));reverse for alphabetic order
(let ((datasheet (plist-get current-component-info :datasheetPdf)))
(when (and (> (length datasheet) 0) (not (find datasheet used-datasheet :test 'gnus-string-equal)))
(add-to-list 'used-datasheet datasheet)
(insert (concat "#+LaTeX: " "\\includepdf[pages=-,landscape=true,addtotoc={1, subsection, 1, "
(plist-get current-component-info :name) ","
(plist-get current-component-info :datasheetPdf) "}]{"
(or (plist-get current-component-info :datasheetPath)
org-bom-latex-datasheetPath) "/"
(plist-get current-component-info :datasheetPdf)) "}")
(provide 'org-bom)
; The program ends here