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A clojurescript library for easy growl-like notifications.
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A clojurescript library for easy growl-like notifications.

Based on domina and enfocus.

To use: [siren "0.2.0"] in your project dependencies.

Comes with two default color scheme: light and dark. You can of course give your own, either with CSS (the siren-box class) or by an optional argument.


(sticky-siren! "Hello!")
(siren! {:content "I'm dark!})
(siren! {:content "I'm light!" :style :light})
(siren! {:content "<div>I'm light!</div><div>And complex!</div>" :style :light})
(siren! (domina/by-id "some-id"))


The sticky-siren! will remain until discarded with remove-siren! or remove-all-sirens!.

You can set the content of a siren however you like. Either directly, as (siren! "Hey I'm content!") or as direct HTML data: (siren! {:content "<div>Oh, really?</div>"}).

The style can be set by giving it directly to the siren

(siren! {:style {:width "300px" :color "grey"} :content "Oy!"})

The variable base-style is available in the siren namespace.

(siren! {:style (merge base-style {:width "300px" :color "grey"}) :content "Oy!"})

You can also create your own CSS for the class siren-box.

Here are the possible siren options:

  • :style
    • :dark, :light, :css or your own style in the form {:background "grey" :padding "10px"}
  • :content
    • A string or a html element.
  • :delay
    • Time in ms before the siren is discarded.
(siren! {:content "<div>Oy!</div> :style {:width "300px" :color "white" :background "black"} :delay 3000})

Complex input

Siren will accept raw HTML. You can send HTML with multiple div if you want to do so. You can also use enlive templates. How about some image in the siren?

Re-using the same siren multiple times

To customize an existing siren box, use the replace-siren! function:

(replace-siren! siren-object {:content "Oh hey!"})

This is mostly useful for a sticky-siren.

You can also create a function that will always send its content to the same siren (and reset the timeout delay) with continuous-siren-factory.

(def my-siren (continuous-siren-factory))
(my-siren "I'm the initial message!")
(my-siren {:content "I'm the second message!" :style :light})

May the power of the REPL be with you!


Copyright © 2012 Frozenlock

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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