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Do we really need a custom.css? Edits can be put at the bottom of global.css for the same effect, or people can edit the themes.

Also feel free to check the testing branch, some changes in there for mobile will be put up today.


Personal opinion - yes, we need it for the same reasons as any other custom.* files. To keep individual changes separate from product changes.

On another site, I am upgrading from Joomla2 to 3 and having the devil of a time finding and retro-fitting all my local changes.


Happy to resubmit this based on a different branch.


Okay, I'll pull it to testing if you submit it there. I haven't yet put in my mobile fixes though so you may want to wait to try that out. Hopefully by tomorrow.


I think this is a good idea, so +1.
My own solution in the meantime is that I added: @import url('custom.css'); at the top of the global.css. And in custom.css I added "!important;" e.g color:#00AA00 !important; to all values, to make sure they aren't overridden by global.css/font.css or themes css-files.
So I think there is a need for this, as it makes it simpler to update the core files without having to add the custom changes every time.

@Frug Frug merged commit 4cebc14 into Frug:master Feb 14, 2014
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@Frug add custom.css as per merge #133 @Sophist-UK . Simplify js and class …
…names for status icon. Put the DOM id for the icon in config.js
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