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Fixed the issue with the comic navigation widget text boxes not properly escaping and unescapping strings
moved the facebook like script to load in the header to avoid a script error
fixed the reply to javascript to show apparently it doesnt like is_singular, go figure
displaying category list properly now, instead of multiple
removed trailingslashit from around $comic in displaycomic.php line #350, thanks @nismorack
$is_comic needed to be set in the archive.php before hand, was giving notice
thanks to @generaltekno for finding bug with footer-text.php with the scroll to top, adjusted it to be enable_scroll_to_top
again thanks to @generaltekno for finding the facebook like widget needing one of the facebook likes active, now changed to check if the widget is active as well
fixed the archive.php to check for non-permalinked cat= properly
change to wp_login_form in the control panel widget
revamped the syndication comic into the rss to allow for a filter that can be used to add info to the syndication
added extra profile options for MSN, Twitter and Facebook fields - functions/profile-options.php
total rewrite of archive.php - fixed bug with text-links for the archive.php
added new widget "reference" documentation is inside the widget and will be on
new option on the home tab to keep comments when the single page's comic blog post is disabled
change the forum url to bbpress wasnt working out, so switched to simple:press
added 2 new options on the comicpress-options post&pages tab, enable facebook like
added new widget, facebook like, that goes in any of the comic sidebars for better control where you might the like button to be
dual blog posts and checkmarked blog post stays with comic now works as properly designed
single blog posts and checkmarked blog posts stays with comic as well is now fixed (needs testing)
fixed thumbnail widget to *not* exclude the current page if its not set to random
adjusting the option pages input button to hit the right location properly
added CDN URL ability for content delivery networks storing the comics
fixed the missing nocache=1 in the comic-navigation widget
comic blog post widget has a new option whether to disable the displaying of the widget if there's no content or not
fixed the h2 in the comic blog post widget for single pages
added a clear:both; to .comment-link css element
modified the facebook like button widget to have 3 different options for display
the facebook like button now uses a script load and the facebook fb:code
added facebook meta information toggle, will be on if any facebook option is on
Added new action area in the menubar to allow for custom coding of social icons in the menubar.
fixed the rascal hovertext padding so it doesnt look out of place.
custom-header has been revamped, is now a regular constant - will appear in the wp-admin - appearance all the time now
Stylized the control panel and dropdown archive boxes
fixed notice in control panel widget
sharethis_title, subscribe_title were missing from defaults being set in the comic-navigation.php, set em
accidently left in the #height - 100px; .. removed it so its now auto again
fixed a variable being passed in the latesthumbnail widget that was sending $true and not true ;/ its not a php var heh
adding div class="clear" /div to the tipjar.php widget so it clears the internal floats properly
fixed the themestyle.php to handle the vertical double right sidebar properly
removed .ie #comic button {} from the css, it was hardsetting it to white text
added the easel footer_text functionality and a new option in comicpress options to set the copyright name w/ modifiable information including URL to copyright holder (w/defaults)
subcontent-wrapper is now available on *all* layout styles
font-size for .footer-text is now 12px; as default (the generated info at the bottom)
latest thumbnail widget you can now choose to show the first in the category as well as a random comic from that category, it will not display the same comic as the current comic thats being viewed.
removing association to and now using
changed base coloration of links from red to a blue color with an a:visited color, so that if someone visited a link it will differ slightly in color.
^ ie moved from red links to blue links to denote the change to
added link to the tech support forums in the comicpress options
changed all the bloginfo()'s to appropriate home_url() site_url() get_template_directory_uri()
changed in the membersonly.php update_usermeta to update_user_meta - same parameters
Styled the #s-search and #searchform button and the forms.
changed the padding and line-height in the #menubar-wrapper .menu css
added .post-time / .posted-at new function comicpress_display_post_time() which displays the time the post was made.
alt-text/hovertext change in the displaypost.php file, it now outputs the hovertext/alt-text on thumbnails and rss feeds
and shows the alt-text whether Rascal is active or not
removed extra id="" in the textarea for the comment form, #comment-textarea no longer exists, its just #comment now
set $outputscript = ''; in the displaycomic.php so it doesn't give notice if it doesn't exist, which it doesn't anyways but oh well; future endeavors.
missed the &nocache=1 on the comic navigation button, added it so that randomcomic button on the navi works
Removed the tabindex from the comments.php field for textarea
adding comic-id-# ($post->id) as a wrap with #comic-wrap so that it can be targeted for the current comic post
added check to see if on the comic_next for hovering over to see if its empty or not, if it is do a # instead of empty ""
Removed comicpress-debug.php, so no debug messages anymore
Removed copyright.php, it hasnt been in use in a long time
changed the div for the post title in the comic blog post widget to an h2 so that ttf replacer plugins can handle it
fixed the /?randomcomic /?randompost to have &nocache=1 on the line so that wp-supercache doesn't cache it
implemented easel's menubar code which uses less CSS then the new comicpress's /cleaned up code/ no images for down arrow -> right arrow no, is text characters
fixed classic menubar's error with the comicpress_get_all_comic_categories_as_cat_string() when its supposed to be: comicpress_all_comic_categories_string()
You can now assign comics to individual posts, which means.. yes.. multiple comics per day with multiple posts. A little bit extra work than just uploading but works great.
Still need to make comicpress managers bulk editor recognize which comic is assigned to it and think about making an assign comic box for the post editor.
* Added new widget "Tip Jar" widget which lets you set a 'target' donation amount and then set how much in donations
you currently have and it displays a nice little donation image percentile of how far its got to go to get the target mark
Fixed Notice that appears on 404 and search pages when no results found.
added info about child themes on the layout options page and links to download them
Fixed footer - the-footer problem with widgets in the footer area
made the is_cp_theme_layout into a function_exists so that it can be rehandled in the child-functions.php - Released to WordPress.ORG
Added ?latestcomic=# where # = category #
So you can do ?latestcomic and it will redirect to the latest comic of all categories
or latestcomic = 3 will redirect to the latestcomic of category ID #3
custom image header now defaults to click to home
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