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<div id="sidebar-right">
<div class="sidebar">
if ( !dynamic_sidebar('sidebar-right-sidebar') ) { ?>
<div class="sidebar-no-widgets">
<?php _e( 'There are currently no widgets assigned to the right-sidebar, place some!', 'comicpress' ); ?>
<br />
<br />
<?php _e( 'Once you add widgets to this sidebar, this default information will go away.', 'comicpress' ); ?>
<br />
<br />
<?php _e( 'Widgets can be added by going to your dashboard (wp-admin) &#10132; Appearance &#10132; Widgets, drag a widget you want to see into one of the appropriate sidebars.', 'comicpress' ); ?>
<br />
<?php } ?>
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