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Removed the option for the index page fix, no longer needed

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commit 4c05fd65bd3b46f3cff7a7870b21e2296f9a2f09 1 parent d17ea74
@Frumph authored
Showing with 0 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +0 −1  comicpress-admin.php
  2. +0 −9 options/general.php
1  comicpress-admin.php
@@ -74,7 +74,6 @@ function comicpress_admin_options() {
- 'fix_for_index_paging',
) as $key) {
9 options/general.php
@@ -271,15 +271,6 @@
<?php _e('Will display information on how many queries and how fast it took to load the page in the footer.', 'comicpress'); ?>
- <tr>
- <th scope="row"><label for="fix_for_index_paging"><?php _e('Enable fix for index paging file not found with permalinks?','comicpress'); ?></label></th>
- <td>
- <input id="fix_for_index_paging" name="fix_for_index_paging" type="checkbox" value="1" <?php checked(true, comicpress_themeinfo('fix_for_index_paging')); ?> />
- </td>
- <td>
- <?php _e('Enabling this will add a filter to the index page query that will set the number of posts displayed appropriately for paging if it does not work for you.', 'comicpress'); ?>
- </td>
- </tr>
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