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Online Comic Poster for Discord


  • Make sure you have node installed.
  • Install the required dependencies npm i.
  • Make sure the code has permission can write to data.json.
  • Update data.json to have the key items.
  • Run index.js in a terminal via node index.js
  • go to your comic's domain page and find a way to access the latest comic every single time. (generally homepage) Then go into websiteHandler.js and edit:
    • getCurrentPageImgLink - To grab the page's IMAGE url,
    • getCurrentPageDifferential to extract the info from the page that tells it whether this page is different from the last(I recommend date).
    • getDownloadLocation to tell the handler what is the link to extract the data from. (use the passed in object to store incrementals in case the link changes whenever a comic is posted, Eg: comic/page1.html, comic/page2.html, comic/page3.html)
    • comicWasPosted to add to any increments in case website's link changes per comic.
  • If you need help on the last step lemme know so I can help, it's a difficult step.


data.json needs to have these keys inside an object like so:

    "owners": [""],
	"updateTimer": "",
	"useEmailHandler": false,
    "host": "",
    "port": 0,
    "sender": "",
    "receiver": "",
    "auth": {
        "user": "",
        "pass": ""
    "websiteHandlerData": {},
    "pingEveryone": 0

And key and channelID have to have a value.

  • key The key to the Discord bot.
  • admins An array of Discord User IDs. (These are users who can run the 3 commands)
  • owners An array of Discord User IDs. (These are users who can run the eval command)
  • updateTimer After how many milliseconds should the bot check for the comic?. (86400000 = once per day)
  • channelID An ID to the channel that the bot will post the picture to.
  • debugging A boolean. Changes whether the bot logs what it's doing or not.
  • useEmailHandler Whether or not to try to send an email whenever the bot errors or something bad happens.
  • host,port,sender,reciever, auth.user, & auth.pass are only required if useEmailHandler is set to true. If so, Further instructions are supplied later.
  • websiteHandlerData can be whatever you need. It gets passed in to the websiteHandler for your customization, and is saved with every comic posted
  • pingEveryone can be 0 for no, 1 for yes, 2 to ghost ping everyone.

Email Handler

You can learn more about how to use the API I am using called nodemailer.
If you decide to have useEmailHandler in the data.json set to true, the following will need to be filled out depending on your transport method:

  • host the website/server with email capabilities. Looks like or
  • port the port number the email server chose to expose.
  • sender what to make the sender of the email appear like.
  • reciever what email to send the email to. Can be multible emails separated by commas ,
  • auth The entire auth object is passed in as is to the webmailer. Most of the time auth is an object containing:
    • user username to log into the webmailer
    • pass password to log into the webmailer


The bot has 5 commands, (listed down below). To trigger one you need to start your message by pinging the bot, followed by the command. Eg: @Comic-Bot checkforComic or @Comic-Bot restart. (commands are not case sensitive)

  • ping Will respond with a message saying how long the bot's been online for, and when it's next comic check is due.
  • restart Will restart JUST the discord bot.
  • shutdown Shuts down the entire code.
  • checkForComic will check for a new comic and if one exists it will post the comic.
  • eval will run any code you post AFTER the eval command.
  • notif | notify will notify owners of the bot via email(if setup) and DM something is happening. Useful for emergencies or bug-reports.
  • help | about | credits Will share info about the bot.


A bot that pulls the comic from Dreamland Chronicles Comic, and posts them on the discord.







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