This is a utility for concatenating and speeding up video files intended for making a timelapse out of a livestream.
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What Works

  • Concatenating files
  • Concatenates arbitrary numbers of files
  • Manual ordering of files to concatenate
  • Selection of which files in the list to concatenate
  • Progress bar updating
  • Run from command line
  • Timelapsing files
  • Speeds up a video by an arbitrary amount
  • Run from command line
  • Final length estimator
  • Choose amount to speed up by end video length or by multiplier
  • Displays progress
  • Add your own audio
  • Speed up in-place audio
  • Multi-platform building
  • Time remaining predictor
  • Tabs with an independent progress bar, start button, and status output

What Doesn't (yet)

  • Concatenation:
  • Output codec selection? (at least keep it from using the AAC audio codec because xuggler can't handle reading it)
  • CPU Limiting
  • Show progress by drawing a background on completed files in the list
  • Timelapse Creator:
  • It all works!
  • downloader:
  • Everything
  • Run more than one task consecutively without prompting the user
  • Download -> Concatenate -> Timelapse
  • Concatenate -> Timelapse
  • Program Icon
  • About dialog


To build for your platform run mvn package.

To build for all platforms at once run either or buildall.bat depending on your operating system.

To build for a specific platform run mvn package -P win32,!win64,!linux32,!linux64,!macosx32,!macosx64 where the platform without the exclamation point is the one you want to build for.


  • Class loader ( and parts of the Maven configuration file: Multiplatform SWT
  • Video Library: Xuggler
  • GUI: SWT
  • Ideas about loading SWT and a snippet on using jar-in-jar-loader: SWTJar
  • Loading internal jars: jar-in-jar-loader.jar
  • Application icon: Antonio Lassandro