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Portable FTP server written in .NET
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Portable FTP server

Build status

This FTP server is written as .NET Standard 2.0 library and has an abstract file system which allows e.g. Google Drive as backend.


The library is released under the MIT license.

Support the development




  • Visual Studio 2019 / C# 8.0


  • Visual Studio 2019
  • .NET Standard 2.0 (everything except sample application, PAM authentication)
  • .NET Core 3.0 (sample application, PAM authentication)

NuGet packages

Package name Description Badge
FubarDev.FtpServer Core library FubarDev.FtpServer
FD.FS.Abstractions Basic types FubarDev.FtpServer.Abstractions
FD.FS.FileSystem.DotNet System.IO-based file system FubarDev.FtpServer.FileSystem.DotNet
FD.FS.FileSystem.GoogleDrive Google Drive as file system FubarDev.FtpServer.FileSystem.GoogleDrive
FD.FS.FileSystem.InMemory In-memory file system FubarDev.FtpServer.FileSystem.InMemory
FD.FS.FileSystem.Unix Unix file system FubarDev.FtpServer.FileSystem.Unix
FD.FS.MembershipProvider.Pam PAM membership provider FubarDev.FtpServer.MembershipProvider.Pam

Example FTP server

Creating the project

dotnet new console
dotnet add package FubarDev.FtpServer.FileSystem.DotNet
dotnet add package FubarDev.FtpServer
dotnet add package Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection

Contents of Main in Program.cs

// Setup dependency injection
var services = new ServiceCollection();

// use %TEMP%/TestFtpServer as root folder
services.Configure<DotNetFileSystemOptions>(opt => opt
    .RootPath = Path.Combine(Path.GetTempPath(), "TestFtpServer"));

// Add FTP server services
// DotNetFileSystemProvider = Use the .NET file system functionality
// AnonymousMembershipProvider = allow only anonymous logins
services.AddFtpServer(builder => builder
    .UseDotNetFileSystem() // Use the .NET file system functionality
    .EnableAnonymousAuthentication()); // allow anonymous logins

// Configure the FTP server
services.Configure<FtpServerOptions>(opt => opt.ServerAddress = "");

// Build the service provider
using (var serviceProvider = services.BuildServiceProvider())
    // Initialize the FTP server
    var ftpServerHost = serviceProvider.GetRequiredService<IFtpServerHost>();

    // Start the FTP server
    Console.WriteLine("Press ENTER/RETURN to close the test application.");
    // Stop the FTP server
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