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asMSX is a Z80 cross-assembler for MSX, originally developed by Eduardo "pitpan" A. Robsy Petrus and now mantained by the asMSX team. This project is based on GPLv3 code release by Lucas "cjv99". MRC wiki has an entry for asMSX.

Please read asMSX manual to learn more.

DOWNLOAD: You can find latest binary release here.

Also you can use Docker image from GitHub Packages:

docker pull

If you'd like to contribute to this project, please take a look at our coding style guide.

Please help us improve test coverage for the code. Read our testing guide and contribure!

asMSX team

The asMSX team is a undefined collective that has worked on this program or has helped with it. asMSX wont be as it is if it wasn't for the colaboration of:

  • Eduardo Robsy
  • @cjv99 (Thanks for buying and sharing it!)
  • @ibannieto
  • @theNestruo
  • @Fubukimaru
  • @oboroc
  • @jamque
  • @mvac7
  • @duhow
  • @LocoMJ
  • @libertium
  • vim
  • The game

List of related projects

Contact us to include yours!

Projects done using asMSX

  • TPMSX-Engine: The Pets Mode Engine. An engine born from TPM projects like Bitlogic.
  • MSX_ngine: A set of MSX libraries by KnightFox75.

Projects that may be interesting for you if you use asMSX!

Original Spanish README

Estructura de carpetas

  • BIN: versiones compiladas de asMSX para Windows y Linux (32 bits).
  • SRC: código fuente del asMSX
  • MAN: manual en castellano del asMSX
  • REF: dos documentos de referencia, incluidos para tu consulta
  • CODE: ejemplo de código fuente de dos juegos sencillos

Instrucciones para compilar

  • Necesitas tener instalado GCC, Flex, Bison
  • No está de más tener UPX, aunque no es imprescindible
  • Tienes un MAKEFILE sin extensión, compila asMSX para Linux
  • MAKEFILE.WIN (tienes que quitarle la extensión), compila asMSX para Windows

Muchas gracias a pitpan el auténtico y genuino creador del compilador asmsx. cjv99 un humilde servidor que libera asmsx abierta para su distribución de forma gratuita.