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tagged Dec 30, 2017 · 133 commits to master since this release

First github release. Contact me if there is any trouble with it.


Rosby releases

  • v.0.01a: [10/09/2000] First public version

  • v.0.01b: [03/05/2001] Bugfixes. Added PRINTFIX,FIXMUL, FIXDIV

  • v.0.10 : [19/08/2004] Overall enhance. Opcodes 100% checked

  • v.0.11 : [31/12/2004] IX, IY do accept negative or null offsets

  • v.0.12 : [11/09/2005] Recovery version
    Added REPT/ENDR, variables/constants, RANDOM, DEBUG blueMSX,

  • v.0.12e: [07/10/2006]
    Additional parameters for INCBIN "file" [SKIP num] [SIZE num]
    Second page locating macro (32KB ROMs / megaROMs)
    Added experimental support for MegaROMs:
    * MEGAROM [mapper] - define mapper type
    * SUBPAGE [n] AT [address] - define page
    * SELECT [n] AT [address] - set page

  • v.0.12f: [16/11/2006]
    Several binary operators fixed
    Conditional assembly

  • v.0.12f1:[17/11/2006]
    Nested conditional assembly and other conditions

  • v.0.12g:[18/03/2007]
    PHASE/DEPHASE bug fixed
    Initial CAS format support
    WAV output added
    Enhanced conditional assembly: IFDEF

  • v.0.14: [UNRELEASED]
    First working Linux version
    Somewhat improved stability

  • v.0.15: [UNRELEASED]
    ADD IX,HL and ADD IY,HL operations removed
    Label vs Macro collisions solved
    Overall improvement in pointer stability
    INCBIN now can SKIP and SIZE upto 32-bit

  • v.0.16: [CANDIDATE]
    First version fully developed in Linux
    Fixed bug affecting filename extensions
    Removed the weird IM 0/1 - apparently it is just a plain undocumented IM 0 opcode
    FILENAME directive to set assembler output filenames
    ZILOG directive for using Zilog style indirections and official syntax
    ROM/MEGAROM now have a standard 16 byte header
    Fixed a really annoying bug regarding $DB data read as pseudo DB
    SINCLAIR directive included to support TAP file generation (ouch!) --> STILL TO BE TESTED

      	- Adjust BIOS for SINCLAIR model?
      	- DISK support
      	- R800/Z80/8080/Gameboy support
      	- Sinclair ZX Spectrum TAP/TZX file format supported

[Post-Rosby versions]

  • v.0.17: [19/12/2013]
    [FIX] Issue 1: Crash on Linux when including additional .asm files (by theNestruo)
    [FIX] Issue 5: Non-zero exit code on errors (by theNestruo)
  • v.0.18: [01/02/2017]
    Fixed issue with .megaflashrom and the defines.
  • v.0.18.1: [11/02/2017]
    Fixed multiple compilation warnings by specifying function parameters and return type explicitly
    Fixed a problem with cassette file name generation due to uninitialized variable 'binario'
  • v.0.18.2: [25/05/2017]
    Added -z flag. This flag allows using standard Zilog syntax without setting .ZILOG on the code.
    Now local labels can be also set using .Local_Label along the previous @@Local_Label.
    Now .instruction are correctly parsed. For instance, before it was allowed to set "azilog", "bzilog"
    instead of only allowing ".zilog" or "zilog".
  • v.0.18.3: [10/06/2017]
    Fixed induced bug of February 5th when using INCLUDE. Parser 1 p1_tmpstr wasn't using malloc memory. Instead it uses
    strtok allocated memory. This is never deleted, we must check this in the future to prevent memory leaks.
  • v.0.18.4: [18/06/2017]
    Unterminated string hotfix. Find a better way to solve it. Probably a more flex-like fix.
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