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This library implements rendering of popup box with "Clippy, the paper clip". You can make him say various things by calling clippy-say function. To hide the pop-up, simply invoke any command (move forward/backward, type, C-g etc., any event is recognized).

By default Clippy show tip using pos-tip. you may prefer using popup.

(setq clippy-tip-show-function #'clippy-popup-tip-show)

As inspiration, two functions are provided: clippy-describe-function and clippy-describe-variable. Bind any of these functions to a key, then while point is over a function/variable, call it. A popup with helpfull clippy will appear, telling you about the function/variable (using describe-function and describe-variable respectively).

This package depends on pos-tip or popup.

Code is roughly based on:

The inspiration to write this package came from, a crazy discussion on #emacs and my terrible headache stopping me from doing anything more productive.


Clippy trying to be helpful

Alternative clippy art.

Alternative clippy trying to be helpful